Review: All New X-Men #17


So wait? You still haven’t read a single issue of the Battle of the Atom event going on in the X-Men books?? Why? What are you waiting for? It’s the best story you’re not reading and I feel very sorry for you.

So this issue follows up present day Magik taking original Beast and Iceman to the future that the Xorn Jean Grey comes from. Following? See, this is why you should be reading this event. We begin in the future. Many future X-Men timelines have had Kitty Pryde become the President of the United States but in this timeline Dazzler, yes Dazzler!, is the President. She wins the election but is then killed brutally along with Madrox and many others. Beast is absolutely in shock over what has happened. Colossus and Bobby tell him to let the police handle this and he realizes that no matter what they will always be hated.

Magik, past Beast and past Iceman are confronted by the X-Men from the future timeline. This group is at the Jean Grey School for the Gifted and they tell Magik that she needs to leave now. They cannot know anything. All this must wait though because there is a nice little reunion between Piotr and Magik. After everything that has happened between with the events of Fear Itself and Avengers vs. X-Men, it was very nice to see the two of then reunited and happy. This group that greets Magik, Beast and Iceman are an much older Colossus (with a fantastic moustache), a wizard looking version of Iceman, someone in an Iron Man suit, Phoenix powered Quentin Quire, someone named Wolverine, Jubilation (who appears to be the one we know just far older) and a woman who looks like Storm named Kymera.


Turns out that the group that has come to our time is NOT a sanction X-Men team. We don’t know the details but that group has had a falling out with the actual X-Men team of the future timeline. The issue ends with Magik bringing them back to the current timeline. I read some interesting theories about how this whole thing will end but what I’m more intrigued by is that Beast started all of this with good intentions and now it may be that he’s considered a “bad guy” in the future of this time line. I can’t wait to see how this ends and I really hope we get to keep Jean Grey around. I prefer the teenage version because she could become the wisest of them all because of what she knows about what happened to her. I’m also really hoping to find out about Bobby’s powers. There is a Hulk version of him and a wizard version of him in the future. Real X-Men fans are completely aware of how capable he is of great power. I’d like to see that discussed in this event.

The art is still really beautiful and these different versions of the X-Men are done very well. You don’t get confused who you’re looking at because each character is done in a distinct way. I am counting down the days until the next issue and since it will be released right before the beginning of NYCC, I’m hoping for something big.

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Battle of the Atom is still the best event going on!

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