Review: All New X-Men #18


If you needed a place to jump on to the X-Men books this is the place to do it, post Battle of the Atom. All New X-Men #18 picks up right after where Battle of the Atom ended and it really works. Say what you want about Brian Michael Bendis but I overall enjoy what he does and this issue, in my opinion, shows off what he can do with character interaction.

The original X-Men team of Beast, Angel, Iceman, Cyclops and Jean Grey are all stuck in the present with no way of going home. Kitty Pryde has joined them on the “side” of the Uncanny X-Men led by Cyclops. This issue completely focuses on setting up their adventures going forward in the All New X-Men book. Bendis does a really nice job with certain interactions. I was especially fond of what he’s doing with Iceman. As funny has Bobby can be, he is a very powerful mutant and given what has happened in Battle of the Atom and a little before that, he could be a great character to see grow. The realizations of how big it is to know a piece of his future is starting to hit him but he’s retaining his humor. I loved how he kept messing with Kitty about breaking up with his future self.

I’d also like to mention the awesomeness that was the brat fight between the Cuckoos and Jean Grey. It was hilarious. Jean Grey may have been outnumbered but she could handle herself. I laughed out loud at Jean’s comeback to Celeste. “You don’t belong here” Celeste yell. Jean replies “Whatever Emma Frost test tube baby fail”. Celeste and Jean could be a really fun rivalry. Emma is much older than this Jean so the two of them having a rivalry would make no sense. Celeste seems to be the most similar to Emma so this could be fun. However it is highly unlikely this will go anywhere because All New X-Men will begin a cross over with the Guardians of the Galaxy soon.

I also enjoyed the conversation between Kitty and Magik. They both miss Colossus but are going to put things aside and be friends again. Magik is on a road to redemption and Kitty misses Colossus so much. If you read Cable and the X-Force then you’ve seen what she did for him there. There was another good laugh there when Magik went to hug her and Kitty phased. Some readers don’t like the humor, I do. It develops the characters a little bit better.

I do have one very large complaint though. I don’t like what’s happening within the past X-Men group when it comes to Jean Grey. This love triangle that is starting between her Cyclops and Beast feels a bit silly. I do like the drama within the group that has nothing to do with fighting a villain, because I think that’s what makes the X-Men unique from other teams, but this is too much. I don’t want my X-Men to become something silly like The Vampire Diaries or Degrassi. If I wanted teen hero drama I’d read a teen hero book. I think this could be much more than that. Yes, I’m aware they are young, but this comic could rise above that. Make Jean a strong young woman and not the center of a love triangle.

Obviously with Stuart Immonen doing the art, you can’t expect something bad. I think this is one of the best books visually in all of Marvel and I usually don’t say this but the inker and colorist make a big difference in this series. I’m not a fan of the new suits though because they look too much like Power Rangers. I’m almost expecting them to join together and say “It’s morphin time!”

Overall this was a really good comic post Battle of the Atom and a perfect place for new readers to jump on.


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A great jumping on point for new readers that plants the seeds for the future of the X-Men franchise.

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