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Quantum and Woody, the comic series about the worst super heroes of all time. At first I wasn’t too sure what to make of this series as this is a rebooted version of a cult classic from the late 90’s. After reading their origin in this new series, I’m glad I picked this up. It shows two guys who gain super powers and get shoved into a world of clones, comic book science and jokes that Marvel and DC wouldn’t touch or use.

In this issue we see that Quantum (Eric Henderson) the straight man of the series, gets caught by his boss (Mr. Magnum) that he is a super hero and is offered a mission that the company (a paramilitary security company) thinks he will be perfect for. So far Quantum can’t catch a break when it comes to being a super hero so seeing something that’s right up his alley is good change for him. When he gets ready to leave, his adoptive brother Woody (he has no super hero name) decides to come with him. Mostly over the fact if they don’t clang there bracelets (which also came with the super powers) within 24 hours they pretty much die. So if Quantum is the straight man then Woody must be comic relief. Seeing them go on a mission has a lot of funny moments, especially when Woody is involved.

While they’re away on a mission, the comic also focuses on few other characters like the clones Detective Alejandra Cejudo and 69 who are trying to figure out how to live their lives now that they no longer work for their evil boss.

Back to Quantum and Woody, we learn that the mission is to send Quantum to sneak into an small town (now a fortress) and destroy all their stock piled weapons. But we later learn that the mission is not as it seems as it will lead to a war in the United States. Quantum not knowing the real plan his boss made decides to sneak past the enemy by blending in the crowd. Which doesn’t work out once you read the comic.

This is actually a lot better then the last issue in my opinion. Which is a good thing so it can make the reader interested in reading the series. I can see how the running gag that things don’t go in Quantum’s way and Woody stumbling into interesting scenarios, but I think works well when there together instead of when their doing their own thing. There are flashbacks on Quantum which shows his life back in the military and would like to know more cause there is more you can explore with this character.

The art is okay. I’m more used to this art style now since its a lot different from the last story arc.

So far this comic is a must read. You don’t need to read the previous issue to get what’s going on. In fact this seems like a better jumping on point then the last issue. If you like super heroes with adult humour (some humour you shouldn’t repeat to anyone ) then your going to have a fun time reading this comic.

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If your into super heroes, adult humour and a goat. This comic is a most definite must read.

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