Review: Robocop Last Stand #5


The world of Robocop Last Stand is a world where corporations run amok, cops are corrupt and unaccountable and the people are slaves to be victimised at will by the psychopathic minions who work for the ruling corporation. Does all of that sound familiar?

When this is all based is unclear, but to speculate that it’s a dystopian future set hundreds of years from now would be a bit naive. Everything that is happening here is extremely familiar, worryingly so. This is a world that’s far closer to our own than many of us would dare to admit. Yes this is an extreme world, but look at our own in 2013. Is it not just as extreme?

Issue #5 sees the fugitive Robocop finally confronted by the corporate ninja robots that have been tracking him down for the past couple of issues. Here is the final confrontation, or is it? The humanity that still exists within Robocop versus the corporate killing machine that has been programmed to destoy him.


As the fight begins there’s a shocking development that involves the young girl who had been hero-worshipping Robocop. It’s all portrayed in brutal, stark, colourful panels and it’s an urgent reminder that this is war, and things are rarely as they appear to be.

We then get a gorgeous full-page panel of Robocop in action, we think he has won, and then there is another surprise, blood drenched and shocking even to Robocop himself.

Still the action continues and the corporate ninja machines make a final dramatic lunge to fulfil their mission. Will they succeed, or will Robocop triumph? No spoilers from me. Check out the book for yourself and you’ll find out exactly what happens at the conclusion of this dramatic, action packed and shocking battle.

Away from the fight to the death we see the true nature of the corporatocracy that is dehumanising everybody, even the individuals who think they are part of the corporate winning team. We see this played out in a highly illustrative panel where a discarded minion ponders why the last four years of his life spent serving the system has meant nothing, and he now finds himself a victim of downsizing, thrown away like an out of date computer consul.


This is probably the most rewarding part of the entire title, the way it is showing how the individuals that join the corporate machine will ultimately be discarded when they are no longer needed. It poses the question, why join them when you could be working for the benefit of humanity, not just for selfish short-term career goals that ultimately will only benefit the dehumanising corporation?

The issue ends with a smiling, blonde newscaster doing what smiling, blonde newscasters always do, lying to the public, giving out corporate disinformation and thinking about her precious career and paycheque.

But what has happened to Robocop? Is he okay? Without giving away too much information, all I’ll reveal here is that we have a delicious cliffhanger, and it’s the perfect way to finish this month’s issue making me eagerly await next month’s continuation of the arc.

The good news for Robocop fans of course is that there’s a brand new movie coming out in February 2014, and to capitalise on the movie there’s going to be a four brand new, tie in books that are going to further explore the adventures of Robocop. If they’re half as good as this one then count me in. It’s a good time to be getting back into Robocop.

The idea of a man fighting against the machine part of his nature and against corporate tyranny really is the story of our times. We are all Robocop now. What should we do? Join the dehumanising, corporate machine, or fight back for the sake of humanity? I know what I’m going to do, and reading this comic really crystallised it for me.

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Robocop last stand is the story of our times. Humanity versus a dehumanising corporate tyranny, that employs smiling lying psychopath’s to keep us all under their collective boot.

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