Review: Serenity – Leaves on The Wind #1


Serenity: Leaves on The Wind #1 is the continuation from the end of the movie that we have been waiting for. There were some stories here and there which answers the show left for us, and even gave us a glimpse as to what was to come. Now we follow Malcolm Reynolds’s crew as they try to make it in a verse which they shook to its core when they exposed the Alliance’s dark secret. Zack Whedon captures everything you loved about the Firefly series and brought this story to life as we pick up where they left off. Well left off if you read those select few books focused on Shepard and Wash that came out between this book and the movie.

serenlw1p1Foremost this is a story that you can jump into easily even if you have not seen the show or movie. Very welcoming as the conversation which takes place at the beginning basically gives you the gist of the situation they face and what has set them on this past. As well as giving us outside perspective on the current state of the verse, including the influence they have had on it because not everyone is reacting how you’d expect considering who this affects.

Mal, a very pregnant Zoe, new pilot River Tam, and the other surviving crew members are in greater danger than ever, that much is certain. Yet Zack Whedon doesn’t fail to give time to show us their state of mind at this moment. Zoe really was written right as we see her handle Wash’s death. Something which look to have a huge affect on her as this story progresses. All of the characters you know are captured the same way from the show with some slight changes from last we saw them. Considering the Whedons are in control of this there was no question that he could stay true to the cast of this book and make them stand out as individuals. River included who draws the most interest considering the realization of what she is capable of. You can see the potential for development that they all will eventually have to go through as they adjust to being outlaws. Before they had to stay on the move just to avoid getting in trouble for the jobs they take, but this is something different since everyone is looking for them and they don’t want to be found.

What I want to be able to see now is just what happened between then and now for Mal and Inara’s relationship which seemed all over the place before. Then also what happens in between for Jayne to go back home. Just small stuff to expect to see in the coming issues as things progress.

The characters themselves are captured in the same way as their TV counterparts, which is something I’m glad was done well enough to make them all recognizable. What stood out most was the inking done by Karl Story. The use of it was heavy yet necessary to bring out the depth in everything on the panels. Considering a lot of this took place at night or on a ship, it’s important to emphasize the lack of light.

This was an excellent start which sets these characters on a new path while establishing where they are now in terms of dealing with the fallout of Serenity. If you are a fan of the series you are doing yourself a huge disservice by not figuring out what happens next. This book is all about the journey which you should enjoy that it offers compared to other books out there. Everyone wants to know what the future has in store for them, and picking this book up is the only way to know how. Plus these covers by Dan Dos Santos are more than enough of a reason itself.

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Fans of the TV series or the Serenity movie, go out and buy this book because it does not disappoint as a bridge to them or capturing the essence of the characters you love. Easy to jump into and takes you on another adventure you'd hurt yourself by missing.

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