Review: Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #7


We reach the final of the three parter story called ‘The Superior Six’.  The story about  Spider-man’s (Doc Ock) new team the superior six. Which if you’ve been reading the story is is mind controlled members of the sinister six. With the team up with Sun Girl and the battle with the Masters of Evils it lead to what most expected after readers found out about forming his own team. Blowing up in his face.

We start the comic with Spider-man defeated by Superior Six (even though there are just five of them) who all have the common hatred for Spider-man. Which makes them more dangerous since they find him worse then there old leader (which they don’t know is Spider-man) and decide to just destroy New York City. Meanwhile Sun Girl (who everyone thought she died) was teleported a few miles away from the battle after using her powers on the device that apparently everyone is after. She flies in to save the day which is a big help cause we see Electro (who apparently has good leadership skills) plans to use the same device she did. But since his powers are much different then Sun Girl’s powers, the device will charge up and destroy the city.

when they stop the villains and saved the day, Sandman tells Spider-man that the part that believed Spider-man to be a hero is dead which will haunt him for a while. Sun Girl is disgusted that she was inspired by him to be a hero. Spider-man realize he screwed up royal and decides to be a better superior hero.

Other all these was a cool comic. the art is fantastic for the artist and the new artist that was able to draw the last few pages which was still pleasing to the eye. The story is okay but best to read the all three issues to get the full story and seeing Spider-man at his worst with mind controlled villains to try to make himself superior. If this was in just the superior spider-man series it would have huge changes to the series with a lot more people finding out that Spider-man isn’t who he is much sooner. But since this is in a team-up series we probably won’t see any changes in the Superior Spider-man series.

I think the downside to this comic is that we lose focus on Light Master, the other villain in ‘Superior Six’ story and Sun Girl’s father. He thought his own daughter was dead thanks to his villainess ways. That would have been cool to see his point of view in the comic and cause of his guilt would try to do some good. But it doesn’t happen which I think is a missed opportunity cause he was part of the story for the last two issues. Also I think the ending could be a bit better because he just goes back to the statues quo of just being a superior spider-man. I would probably change my mind on the ending once I read the next comic (which comes out in two weeks) to see if ‘Superior Six’ had any huge changes to the series.

But it was still a fun read none the less would highly suggest to get this among the last two issues to complete the Superior Six story arc. Or at least wait and get the graphic novel. It has a great team-up with a new super hero and awesome new designs on classic spider-man villains. It has that Superior Spider-man feel that fans just love.

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This is a cool comic to have seeing the Sinister Six back to themselves and ready to burn New York City to the ground. I suggest to buy this along the previous two issues to see Spider-man (Doc Ock) at his worst as a super hero.

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