Review: Superman Wonder Woman #6 – Until the End


I can’t believe we’re already at issue #6 of Superman Wonder Woman. It feels like yesterday the internet was exploding over these two becoming an “item” and getting their own series. I mean, that’s still going on but those with a more open mind to this have had nothing but good things to say about this series. With good reason as too.

Superman Wonder Woman continues the Zod/Faora arc but becomes a lot bigger because of General Zod’s full plan. After the ceasefire between the two couples, Clark and Diana are on their way to the forge of Hephaestus to prepare fully for an inevitable showdown with Zod and Faora. Once prepared, Soule and Daniel give us an amazing throwdown between these two couples. But instead of being just a generic “super” fight, it brings in everything that has happened in the series so far. In particular it gets Apollo involved again.

It’s amazing what Soule does here in Superman Wonder Woman #6. Quite a lot happens but never once feels rushed. As I mentioned, everything is coming together. Apollo exacts revenge and Zod is close to unleashing The Phantom Zone. Most importantly is that something from way back at the start of the New 52 seems to be popping up. Booster Gold warned that something awful would come from Superman and Wonder Woman being together. Is Zod it or will it be something entirely different?
Again the balance that Soule finds between romance and action is fantastic. Any time Clark and Diana have a conversation about their relationship it doesn’t feel forced. It feels organic and also feels real. At no point has Wonder Woman felt less of an Amazon goddess. I think she’s exactly what the New 52 version of her is supposed to be. She’s young and a bit inexperienced at this point. I think a lot of fans have still yet to accept that this is the DC Universe. We have to understand that these characters are a bit different. The last exchange between Superman and Wonder Woman is indeed their version of the Leia and Han Solo “I love you” moment. I think Soule has found the perfect combination of vulnerability, femininity and strength with his interpretation of Wonder Woman. I found her response to Superman funny and cocky.
His Superman is just as great. He clearly gets this character. Again, they are still very young here. This is the new 52 Superman, something we need to accept. He’s still incredibly strong but also much more “human” than Wonder Woman because of his upbringing. This does not make him weak, it just makes him more relatable. As much as I love what Greg Pak is doing in Action Comics, I’d love to see Soule do a solo Superman book. In this issue we see the Clark do what he always does – put the greater good ahead of his own wants.
Like so many other I’m finding it difficult find new words to describe how much I love the artwork Tony S. Daniel is doing for this series. It’s just that good. He does these small panels on top of these huge spreads and it just makes the fangirl in me come out. The only thing that’s a bit off is that Faora and Wonder Woman have extremely similar faces. That doesn’t stop this from being one of the most beautiful comics that DC is putting out.
Naysayers can make their commentary but this series has become one of my absolute must buys. Everything from story, to art, to characterization is spot on and damn near perfect. I read all of Soule’s books and by far this is my favorite. Any fan of Superman and Wonder Woman would be doing themselves a disservice by not reading this. I can’t wait to see how this arc ends.
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Superman Wonder Woman continues to be one of the best comics DC is putting out. It's time for more fans to pay attention.

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