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What happens when a superhero head collides with the straight world? Lots of things, but for the most part that means stepping on the toes of both the NYPD and military in a standoff. This issue brings some fun to the book, and at the same time brings focus to Darling as he starts to make more progress towards his end game. One of the more important points in this story that I’m glad Joe Casey took time to develop.

The Bounce #9 Wide CoverThe fun which Joe Casey has with this issue makes one of the most entertaining. From the moment focus shifts to the Bounce he is everywhere and the energy from him shows the kind of hero they want him to be. Cracking jokes and using his powers unlike any way we’ve seen him before since he was always taking on those bigger than him. His dialogue definitely has a Spider-Man feeling to it, though it fits his character. It works for him where it might not for someone else. the Bounce finds himself public enemy number one, and this alone brings out the best in which his character has to offer as one who is less conventional than most.

Darling’s dinner party as I said before was one of the more important points in this books story as of yet. Not only did a lot of his actions now become clear, but his actions at the end of that dinner set in motion for things to start to pick up as the military’s involvement in the story was probably some of the less interesting bits. Best thing is that what occurs during this dinner is what finally has Darling intersecting paths with Jasper. Inevitable though better now than later because the biggest fear of course is that someone could find them self lost in this book and yet all you have to do is show a little patience for everything to fall into place. This includes the whole picture involving the Sauterne. One of the more unique and better drawn parts of this story I might add.

Art is consistently great by David Messina. Even more the layout which adds to the fast pace this book carries. The action scenes in particular which doesn’t drag on any further than it needs to hitting point to point. I especially liked the blurred effect which showed us how fast and agile the Bounce can be in combat. As someone who’s rubber you want to capture that motion or make that ability stand out, which you get a lot of in this issue.

Things are really looking up for this book as everyone is getting closer to the answers they have seeked since the start. The development of the plot is excellent because nothing is just given to you and instead you are aware of only what you need to know. This is definitely a turning point for the story because now there is a simple direction we are led in. Something linear that creates more interactions for Jasper when others have met untimely fates. Again if you are not reading this book now you are missing out on a great story and stunning interior art.

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The Bounce's story is really coming together as the end game of Darling becomes clear as he revealed his motives during the dinner party he hosts. Jasper is showing a lot of development as a hero and in general that brings out the fun in a comic that brings out a sense of wonder as things progress.

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