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If you’ve been keeping up with my Trillium reviews then you’ll know that I’ve been really on the fence about this miniseries. I haven’t hated it but I haven’t loved it either. That has changed with this issue. This was what I was hoping Trillium would be. A great adventure in science fiction with an emotional core.

*spoilers within*

Trillium #5 picks up from the time shattering conclusion of issue 4. William and Nika have switched timelines. This is a huge revelation. They each know that something is wrong and the way they work through this was so well written. The way each story is told separately works and makes a lot of sense for this kind of story, especially with the switch in location for each character. What is even more special here is that they don’t just get some sudden hit on the head to realize that they’re in the wrong place. Lemire writes it in a way that makes it seem like fate is stepping in to help William and Nika. It has taken this miniseries from average to exciting. I’m far more into this now than I was before. The stakes have been raised and I’m excited for the conclusion.

My problems so far with Trillium were that I wasn’t into it that much. I felt like Lemire was holding back a little. I didn’t feel like this was a well developed romance at all and to be honest, the romance aspect is important here. These two have caused a huge tear in the fabric of time and space because they didn’t walk away from each other.  With these two now in the opposite time lines anything can happen.

As I read this issue I was struck by how chaotic the situation has become. I had no theory as to how the series would end. I did have a feeling that it would end badly for our characters but I now have a feeling that the whole universe is at risk now. I would not be stunned in the least bit if the story ended with the universe ending. I found it incredibly interesting that both William and Nika have knowledge of their lives in the new timelines. I am almost hoping that this ends with them not being together because I feel that would give the reader more emotion.

I’m still not crazy about Lemire’s artwork for this kind of story. I would have liked to see something more polished. I think I’ve read Sweet Tooth so many times that I can’t put that out of my mind when I look at the art in this comic.

I give this a 9 because the twist in the story has made me a believer. I can only hope that the rest of the series leaves me on the right side of the fence.

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Trillium has gone from middle of the road to fantastic within one issue.

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