Review: The Walking Dead Issue #115


The last couple of issues have shown Rick making a hasty assassination attempt on Negan’s life, only to see Negan completely out-maneuver Rick by having an entire squad of unseen snipers at his disposal. That until Ezekiel beautiful tiger came about and save the day along with Ezekiel other men. The last issue kept use on our toes, with a very exciting ending where Jesus spoke to rick about how much he is viewed as a leader. How does the next issues keep up to the hype? Well it does continue on the same path but the message is clear … GET READY FOR WAR !

After reading this issue, I have to say Robert Kirkman loves making his fans wait. This issue was like that last five just more build up, and I get it, you want to make this series have another memorable moment  like we did with the governor. But I honestly don’t remember taking this long just to attack the prison or Rick Paying a visit over Woodbury.

On the other hand, this issue starts with Rick and Andrea talking over about the big day. Jesus start getting his men ready and tell Rick, along with Ezekiel after sleeping with Michonne at her place. Which I have to say Ezekiel seem to be pretty old for Michonne, but then again I won’t be surprised if Kirkman is trying to re-spark the romance that Dale (My Favorite) and Andrea had. But back to comic, Rick, Andrea, Michonne, Ezekiel’s Army, and Jesus’ Army both have a small meeting at the church. I have to say I totally forgot that the priest is still alive… damn kill him already.

Rick explains the plan he has in mind once they reach Negan, then makes a bigger speech to the whole community of   Alexandria Safe-Zone about how they may not be pros but no one else has to know, might I also add that he is leaving them behind to fight this big war against Negan. Rick leaves behind Carl and tells him to look after the safe-zone and that he has Andrea by his side. I couldn’t help but to think of what might happen if Rick doesn’t come back. Can Carl really be the main character and led the Walking Dead series? With that being said Rick is off with his army along with Jesus and Ezekiel and many others from their community who is willing to fight.

Once they reach to Negan place that when the term “ALL OUT WAR” begins.  I won’t give you any spoilers of the end but I would say for sure check video ( above), to hear my opinion about what happens in the end along with my predictions of what going to be on the next issues. All I can say is there is a cliffhanger that can change the whole war. And I would leave you with this bad ass picture …

Picture 97   **Click on it to see it bigger (that what she said)  !!! **

As for my overall grade I have to give it a B- it was just a build issue but it was one of the better ones and the dialogue between everyone in this issues was really good along with the art of course. But is your turn guys what your thoughts on this issue ? Let me know ! Until Next Time !



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Is still a built up ... but just get ready #116 ... there will be blood and zombies !

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