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Witchblade is the simple tale of a woman, Sara Pezzini, who comes into possession of an artifact called a witchblade.  She was a detective for the NYPD until the witchblade was revealed and then became a supernatural investigator.  It is a great set-up that is highly intriguing for someone who loves fantasy. This series is the cornerstone for Top Cow Productions.  This reviewer has always been interested in the series and has read the series off and on for a couple of years.  Sadly, due to moving, the budgets been low and this is one of the books that was cut out of my budget.

WB170001-3c0cb_gallery_primaryThis new story arc is called Borne Again.  It involves Sara Pezzini being a sheriff in Saratoga, NY.  There is something different about her though…she isn’t in possession of the witchblade.  Apparently there have been multiple killings around the area of her jurisdiction.  They seem to be ritualistic killings, this particular one involved a beheading that brings back memories of her time with the witchblade.  We see the exact moment that she wanted to get rid of the artifact and possibly the person/thing who helps her get rid of it.  It is a dark time for her. For a comic known for it’s visceral imagery, this issue is very light on it.  It does have visceral moments, especially when you see a close-up panel of the beheaded head.  Back in the present time, in the late hours of the night, she and officer Rooney are pulling an all nighter.  Someone else is in there with them.

As far as the beginning of the arc goes, this is a great set-up.  The issue gives some info as to what happened to make her not want the witchblade, but not everything.  It’s a nice tease, without being so vague that it is annoying.  For those new to the series (every comic is someones first), they give a page or two to give you a small synopsis of the series.  Nice touch, wish more titles would do the same.  There’s one issue with the comic and it is that they jump back and forth through time.  Some things that happened I didn’t really understand at first.  It may be recommended that if you aren’t clear on something, to re-read it again.  It was beneficial to this reviewer and it might be for you too.  Major props to Ron Marz for keeping this story going strong.WB170007-8fed5_gallery_primary

The art in the comic is amazing.  Laura Braga is a new artist for the comic and she is already establishing herself to be one of the finest.  She is best known for her work on Cyberforce.  The colors are quite vivid and you can clearly see the characters emotions.  This is something some artists forget to do, or it is not in their style to do.  There is a scene where there is blood splatter and it looks just as good as blood splatter you’d find in movies and tv/shows.  It is that VIVID.  It’s also good to point out that as vivid as the visuals are, the coloring has great source for the fake lighting.  If the bar has a harsh yellow light, the characters are splashed in yellow.  It’s another touch that makes this comic look like a still from a movie.  The little things like this go a long way.

Witchblade is a comic produced by Top Cow Productions which is partnered with Image comics.  Witchblade #170 is available at your local comic book shops as well as through digital distribution.  For information on where a comic book store is near you check out  WItchblade #171, part two of Borne Again will be released around December 18, 2013.  What are your thoughts on this review, this issue, or even the comic as a whole?  Comment below as we love hearing your thoughts.

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This is a good start to a new story arc, but due to the jumping timeline, may require another read or two.

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