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Wonder Woman has evoked the wrath of War’s sister who wants her head, and now her plan has been set into motion for her revenge. Now they have all jumped into a fight that is all but a trap and distraction for Strife to get what she wants. Consistent balance of action and story that keeps you engaged without feeling lost in things you might not understand. There are some very down to Earth elements that makes this relatable given what you would do to protect the ones closest to you.

Wonder-Woman-026-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-04Again you see how Brian Azzarello has fun with Strife’s character. Up to no good and really doesn’t come off as one of those villains who likes to do their own dirty work. Her dialogue still comes out as the best done as well. It’s great to see how she takes her vengeance seriously, but she’s not someone that you would take seriously on the surface because of the face she puts on to deceive everyone. Now as I said that she sent Wonder Woman and friends away as a distraction, this isn’t to say that there isn’t something to gain from that from Wonder Woman. They still have to save Milan and this brings about that theme of family which is heavily focused upon in this book. This makes a villain like Cassandra all the more interesting since she doesn’t care about this and would kill them all to get what she wants.

The only issue I can see is giving focus to the torture of the First Born. Yes he is still important, though you kinda get the point by now that they want him to suffer for his misdeeds. He can possibly be left out till there is something to actually do with his character again since it’s not as if we are to feel any sympathy for him.

Something I really enjoy is the facial expressions of these characters. This goes for Strife in particular who always has that sly look on her face, and when she tries to be sincere her eyes look glassy. Asie from this there is always something distinct about everyone else. This could either be the wrinkles on Orions face as there’s a close up, Diana looking battle scarred after fights, or the worms that crawl out of Milan’s eye sockets when exposed.

If you read this for any reason it is because Azzarello means to tell a story. Action aside which can be exciting, he focuses on these characters to make them more than they seem on the surface. Self sacrifice, family, the mythic nature of it all is handled in a way that you forget that they are even gods in their own right to enjoy them as people trying to do the right thing. Especially Diana as you see her question her decisions as everything has a consequence given past occurrences and losses.

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Great progress in a story that gos further than being a god or jumping into the next fight as one.

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