Review: Wonder Woman #31 – Unlikely Allies


Things can get better, and they can get worse

There’s no denying what is at stake with this story arc in Wonder Woman. This particular issue with Wonder Woman #31 goes above and beyond in showing us everything good, bad, and in-between. You really will miss Brian Azzarello’s run of this book because he has re-invented the way we look at Wonder Woman, and through this story he has changed the way she herself looks at the world. If there was any way to elevate a hero to levels they have not reached before, surely Azzarello has done just that.

Wonder Woman #31-1-6039cThe one message you consistently have pushed at you is that humanity is your greatest gift, no matter if Amazons or Gods. The human element of this story holds so much weight and not once are you left to forget this in the midst of all the chaos and inhumane acts carried out by the Firstborn. That’s something you can’t take away from Wonder Woman because any person could pick up this book and expect a lot of action, yet not be disappointed when it delivers on something more than that. You get a genuine display of character by this cast. The big fight is coming, but until then everyone is going through the motions and Azzarello is easing them into the roles they will inevitably have to take when that time comes.

While the focus is on Wonder Woman mainly, I have to say there is much to enjoy from the way the Amazons and Gods are reacting to these changes. Wonder Woman has already accepted what is to come and what has to be done, but everyone else is still fighting that struggle to move on from what was considered their way of life. It’s not easy to do and they are stumbling along the way as any imperfect person would in their positions. The dialogue which made these messages clear was done so well that it’s almost moving. Maybe that may not be for everyone, but not many books will offer this kind of realism to bring such a story down to Earth.

This isn’t something I’ve pointed out before, but the one thing that both Goran Sudzuka and Matthew Wilson do so well is creative perspective with what they capture in these panels. At a regular distance everything looks just about average, yet close up the detail magnified brings out a lot of the emotions these characters are expressing. You see the anger, fear, sense of contentment. They act as a great visual aid in moments of importance.

With the conclusion to Wonder Woman #31, it’s obvious that things are going to get worse before they get any better. The Amazons have new allies, they had their squabble about the future they want to step into, and they all see just how far of a reach the Firstborn has grabbed for power. It may be too far for any other person to jump in or catch up if far behind, but if you are following this book issue to issue, expect as I that this is shaping up to be something memorable.

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With Wonder Woman #31 you get everything under the sun possible and impossible for one centered around myth.

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