Review: Worlds’ Finest #24 – I Must Be Going


It looks like we’re almost near the end for Huntress and Power Girl’s run in Worlds’ Finest. There is news that the series will go on, just without them because they’ll be in the new series Earth 2: World’s End. All that gives the feeling that the series is ending.

Worlds’ Finest #24 continues were the last issue left off.  Power Girl is using her powers to help build the portal back home. Meanwhile Huntress is trying to stop a criminal who has a dirty bomb and plans to blow up Boston. She’s going to have to be careful as the guy is carrying a hostage.


The comic feels a bit slow to me. Kind of like those issues that took place after their fight with Desaad, but before the crossover First Contact. It’s not as exciting as some readers will hope it would be. But I know it needs to be done for the story to make sense when read altogether. I do enjoy that Power Girl is getting excited about coming home. We see that all her hard work is finally coming together. My problem with this comic is that we don’t see a lot of Power Girl as we did in the last issue. Instead the focus is on Huntress. I will admit she is a cool superhero, but I don’t think we needed her story to go on as long as it did. So this comic felt like a Huntress story as she has the more panel time in this issue.

I’m wondering were Desaad went after the last issue. It seemed like he had an important role in this story arc. I was kind of hoping to Desaad discover that there is a way for him to get back to his master. So that felt like a missed opportunity for this issue when they didn’t show it.

I’m interested to see what the new character Tanya Spears will do for the story. In the previous issue we see Desaad having a kine interest for her. So I like to see what else she’ll do in the story as she proves she’s helpfull from stopping a situation from getting worse. So hears hoping that she’ll make a important role to the story that DC will add her to the other Earth 2 titles.

The art here is okay. Personally I miss Joe Weems and RB Silva’s art as they aren’t drawing for this issue. The art here just remind me of certain mini-series from DC’s Countdown. I guess it just comes down to personal taste. I do enjoy that the poses are exaggerated to the point were the poses look good enough to draw in new readers who might be interested in the series. Sure there things here in there that might need improving like Huntress’s cape in some of the panels. But it’s good enough to draw people in.

The comic is a must read for fans of Earth 2 who were wondering if Huntress and Power Girl will make it back home. It’s a little reminder of their adventures before saying their farewells in the next issue. It’ll be interesting to see their reactions to what’s happening on their home planet.

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Worlds' Finest #24is gives fans of the series one last adventure before going home. It's a neat story that will interest readers of the series and fans of Earth 2.

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