Review: X #11 – Deep Pockets of Pain


What can be said other than X’s pockets run deeper than most would ever think imaginable.  We have seen him come back from the most insane beatings and still come out on top. You aren’t seeing another Wolverine here, Duane Swierczynski has created a story for X that shows that anything can happen even if you have a healing factor. That it goes deeper than being able to bounce back from most things that would kill an ordinary man.

x11p1This issue here questions that drive which X has to protect Arcadia. From Carmine Tango to Gamble, you see that motivation to stand up even when the odds are stacked against him. I mean it is as they say, we are in Arcadia, where the odds are bad and the bads are odd. He is the one hero from Dark Horse’s line of heroes that is shrouded in mystery, making him the one you feel drawn to in order to find out what drives this monster to take things to the extremes he does.

The conflict between X and Gamble I found to be very entertaining. Anyone can say that this was another fight with little substance, but there was more than enough if you asked the right questions. Gamble surely did and they are the same questions you’d be asking if you weren’t all too familiar with X’s past. The same past which Leigh is still trying to dig up through all this madness sweeping through the city.  This luck-obsessed murderer is still a player brought the right kind of intensity to this situation. You want someone who can really challenge X and that is what we got. He knows X, but not enough to know how X is able to pull off the impossible time and time again.

Leigh’s part in this issue really does take you by surprise. Not completely because of her profession, but it doesn’t change the fact that she would be taking such a risk considering how you look out the window and it looks like the end of the world. I’m impressed with the risk taken with a character such as Leigh because you’d think she’s just as expendable as everyone else in this story, and here she is throwing herself into danger, knowing how wrong things can go for her to be asking the wrong people questions. Surely this is the exception where you can say that curiosity killed the cat.

Visually the chaotic atmosphere of this issue stood out most. The destruction, flames, brutality of the fight between X and Gamble. All of it is what you would expect to see in this kind of situation. Things have spun out of control in Arcadia and that is captured on every page of this issue.

Overall, there is no taking a break for X and Leigh as things continue to pick up in intensity. Great ending as well which gives you good reason to pick up the next issue to find out Leigh’s fate. Things aren’t looking good for her, and you want to see just what Duane has up his sleeve to show us just how serious this is for the both of them. Another high-octane issue of X that displays the lengths people will go for power in the face of those who will go to greater lengths to stop the corruption.

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There is no taking a break for X and Leigh as things continue to pick up in intensity.

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