Review: X-O Manowar #20


Continuing from the events of Unity #2, Aric is now powerless and at the mercy of the Unity team, or so they think. Unity is a very well crafted superhero comic that so far has blown away the original in many ways. The approach to this is something unique to this book considering the power players involved. Just when you think you have some idea of where things are going, Matt Kindt is able to shake it up to make sure that there is a legitimate struggle here on both sides.

XO_020_004-640x984What is impressive is that Matt Kindt is able to handle this conflict from different fronts. With Unity taking on Aric, you forget that what they are fighting for is the prevention of a war that would lead to nuclear warfare. Everyone has a stake in this fight because of Aric, which means that not only is no one safe, but they are also willing to put everything on the line for the “prize”. With this said, what brings about a change in pace of this story. At the very beginning you could have said Aric was fighting out of fear for what he thought the world was trying to take back from him. But now you see him vulnerable. A side that you really haven’t seen to this extent and that adds a new layer to this story in which we can see what he is actually capable of without it. We’ve seen his combative skill previously, but it’ll take a lot more than that against the power of Unity.

What makes this story impressive is that there isn’t reliance on brute force to get the upper hand over the other. This is a war and with that comes tactics which is apparent by how neither really dares to underestimate what the other will do when the opportunity arises. That may means that issues like this move a bit slower than how things have progressed so far, but it is necessary if you want a reason to invest in the story being told. There has to be that middle ground between it all which Matt Kindt has found.

Overall a great transition from what was seen in Unity #2 as a tie-in. If you are reading Valiant comic then this is the book which you should pick up if you wants something that has an impact on the world you know. They are fighting to save the world from itself and not a moment goes by that you aren’t reminded of the consequences if they don’t stop Aric before the fear he has created throws the world into a nuclear war. As usual the team of Cary Nord and Vicente Cifuentes continue to amaze with how they have brought this to life. Their style really does suit the story seeing how sleek the X-O Manowar armor looks, the detail put into both the water and the structure around them, then also the expressions on their faces which are very convincing.

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Things really pick up as you have an idea of what everyone is capable of involved in this fight. Its a story you admire not only for the action delivered, but the thought put into it by through the characters doing what they do best.

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