No Tomorrow #2 Review


Alright so Raven’s newest epic continues on here with a flashbacks through the Black Death, the Spanish flu, small pox and to the present day where Death wanders New York City. It’s here a series of events take place that really push the boundaries between horror and thrillers and make for some highly entertaining reading in a twisted kind of way.
Then of course there is our guy from Chicago who last issue survived the total destruction of his work building collapse by following Death out of the building. It would seem this issue she finally notices he’s alive, even though she should have noticed him following her last night. Not only does someone upstairs apparently like him he’s now on her radar and for whatever reason whatsoever he seems to be able to change the plans she has for him. An interesting dilemma really who and how does he manage to stay alive and all the while know she’s responsible in one form or another.
Now it seems there is definitely a race against time for Patrick to figure out how to stop Death from taking him and everyone he loves. I love this part i mean suddenly we’ve got a whole new dimension to this story than just a man lucky enough to survive. Now we’ve got a man desperate to live and to save the lives of his family by any means possible.
The message here remains the same though, make the most of everyday because you never know when it will be your last. Never ignore your loved ones and remind them how much they mean to you plain and simple. Though Raven manages to tell this little moral in a nicely twisted way. I mean we end with the wholesale slaughter of innocents in a New York park because someone dropped a vial of toxin, on purpose, because she willed it.

Then there is another question that needs to be asked. If Death messes with his family and he can see her and do something to disrupt her plans does she really want to mess with his head and make him angry so he does come after her? Another interesting dilemma when you think about the possibilities here. Raven manages to really up his game here and the story is smartly written with plenty of twists and turns which make you question everything happening in these pages.
I think this is probably the most meaningful story Raven’s written given what he’s been through and it translates incredibly well here. It also is the story he’s going to have to keep beating when he writes to maintain this level of excellence.


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