Top Picks of the Week – Comics 6/4/14


New month, new week, new comics! This week promises to be great. Green Hornet meets Batman ’66, cult movie classic Big Trouble in Little China makes its comic debut, Vampirella gets a reboot and Original Sin rages on. 

apr1409601. Big Trouble in Little China #1 by Eric Powell, John Carpenter & Brian Churilla

Jack Burton, a macho, truck-driving adventurer, finds a stowaway hiding on his rig, ‘The Pork Chop Express’, but that soon becomes the least of his troubles. He helped his best friend Wang save his fiancée from the clutches of a demon, but now the wedding has been invaded by more evil forces with one thing on their minds–revenge against Jack Burton!

2. Batman 66 Meets Green Hornet #1 by Kevin Smith, Ty Templeton & Alex Ross

In 1967, television history was made when two masked crime fighters met in a historic crossover. Now, superstar filmmaker Kevin Smith and actor/comedian Ralph Garman join forces with artist Ty Templeton (BATMAN ’66) to bring these two iconic characters and their famous partners together again.
Set in the continuity of that earlier team-up, Batman, The Green Hornet, Robin and Kato must go up against a very different General (formerly Colonel) Gumm.

3. Quantum & Woody #11 by James Asmus, Wilfredo Torres & Kano

Q+W=DEAD MEAT! The mad super-scientists of Edison’s Radical Acquisitions are BACK! Well…the ones who aren’t dead, anyway. (Or the ones who were dead and…uh, came back?) WHO?! is the mysterious new leader calling the shots? And HOW?! will Quantum and Woody survive a second fight against the 1980s robots, mad vivisectionists, and evil astronomers who almost offed them the first time?! Wilfredo Torres (The Shadow: Year One) joins Team QW for this hilarious new two-parter! 

4. Cyclops #2 by Greg Rucka, Russell Dauterman & Alexander Lozanoapr140723

A father and son mend fences the best way possible – on an intergalactic road trip! Stop one? The spectacular resort world of Dixzit, where Scott flirts with aliens. Badly! But what’s the dark secret of Dixzit? 

5. Nailbiter #2 by Josh Williamson & Mike Henderson

Officer Nicolas Finch doesn’t care about Buckaroo, Oregon’s serial killers or its secrets – he just wants to find his missing friend. With time running out he turns to the one man who has all the answers… the infamous Nailbiter! 

6. Earth 2 #24 by Tom Taylor, Eddy Barrows & Billy Tan

Aquawoman leads Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and The Flash to battle Beguiler in the middle of the ocean! And Superman makes an unprecedented move that could change the future of Earth 2! 

7. Amazing X-Men #8 by Craig Kyle, Chris Yost & Ed McGuinness

Wolverine takes a trip back to Canada… But when he discovers that an old friend is missing, his visit soon transforms into a hairy situation.
New writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost! 

APR1410658. New Vampirella #1 by Nancy A. Collins, Patrick Berkenkotter & Terry Dodson

In FEAST OF SHADOWS, the first in the six-part OUR LADY OF SHADOWS story arc. Vampirella is sent by the Vatican to investigate the kidnapping of a little girl by Ethan Shroud and the Chaos cultists, only to become the centerpiece of a ritual invoking Lady Umbra, the sister-bride of Chaos, that leaves her marked as a living sacrifice to the dark goddess who rules the shadows. VAMPIRELLA is back and returns to her horror roots with Bram Stoker Award-winning author Nancy A. Collins (Swamp Thing, Sunglasses After Dark, Jason vs. Leatherface) and Patrick Berkenkotter (The Torch, Dark Shadows). 

9. Miles Morales The Ultimate Spider-Man #2 by Brian Michael Bendis & David Marquez

PART TWO OF THE BIGGEST SPIDER-MAN STORY OF THE YEAR ‘REVIVAL’ After the mind-blowing reveal at the end of the first issue, miles life will NEVER be the same again. With SHIELD gone, the biggest villain in SPIDER-MAN history is out and nothing can stop him. Miles has made a huge choice about the woman he loves. Will he live to regret it? 

10. Original Sin #3 by Jason Aaron, Mike Deodato & Gabriele Dell’Otto

ANSWERS AT ALL COSTS. In the wake of last issue’s explosion of secrets, the heroes of the Marvel U are reeling, leaving Nick Fury to stand alone.  He Who Holds the Eye is still on the run, and now we meet his boss, the villainous mastermind behind the raid on the Watcher’s lair.  And in deep space, the Winter Soldier leads a team that uncovers the most bizarre murder of all. 

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