The Wake #4 Review


This book restores my faith in the horror genre of comics.  It’s been much too long since the likes of Tales of the Unexpected, House of Mystery and others were around and meant to take you to the edge of creepiness.  With one of America’s guiltiest pleasures being made for SyFy movies and with channels such as and the Chiller channel we are more obsessed than ever by these types of stories and Scott manages to tell one that could very well be big screen ready when all is said and done.

This has all the elements you need to make a great psychological horror thriller movie.  A great cast of characters, a remote setting, in this case the bottom of the ocean, a perfect misunderstood life form and human arrogance.  All of them fighting to stay alive here makes for some fun and frenzied reading.  Not to mention some scary ass imagery that lends itself perfectly for this type of story.

Alright so last issue we learned that there isn’t only one of these creatures but a veritable army, or society, of them and they’ve come to free their captured brother.  Of course this when all hell breaks loose, well doubly so, and they are forced out of the structure and into the ocean where they are pretty much defenseless against such an onslaught.

Getting themselves back to the relative safety of the rig is only going to last so long.  Here i kind of get the vibe from Deep Blue Sea only this time around they aren’t super smart sharks they are walking, talking, communicating sea creatures of mass destruction.  Which of course leads the survivors to talk amongst themselves as to what the origin of these creatures could be.  With four of them, seemingly, left and six issues to go I wonder how long they’ll be able to manage getting around till there is only one person left?

This is where we have alternative history, oral history and urban legends which may or may not be true but are interesting enough that they could be based on fact you just never know are utilized by Scott here incredibly well.  It also gives them hope and a course of action as that story is told and what they do next has well ramifications we’ll only see next issue.

While I am fast becoming a huge fan of Sean’s work there are times I wish it was a tad more detailed and crisp but then they way he manages to kind of keep a blurry focus of what’s happening does the job more than incredibly well.

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