Complete Dark Horse Solicits For “Halo Ship Replicas”


Halo Ship ReplicasIt was announced during Dark Horse’s “The Art of Video Games” panel at last year’s Comic Con International that Dark Horse would develop and manufacture a line of replicas based on the ships and vehicles which have appeared in the Halo franchise.

As stated before in previous reviews of Halo: Escalation, there is no better time to be into the Halo Universe than now. Dark Horse has had a good handle of this franchise so far and further proved so not too long ago when it was revealed that they would be releasing Halo Ship Replicas. This is probably something that many Halo fans have been waiting for. It’s easy to go out there ad buy an action figure of Master Chief, the Arbiter, Prometheans, Covies and so forth. You can even find something of a replica of the ground vehicles. But then you wonder what happened to the ships? The big ones in the sky that look like god’s hands touched them because of the complexity. And now here we have Halo ships that will be available soon in the form of the UNSC Infinity, Pelican, and the Covenant Truth and Reconciliation.

As of today we now know when we can expect the UNSC Infinity, Pelican and Covenant Truth and Reconciliation Ship Replica with confirmed dates of release.

Halo UNSC Pelican Dropship 6″ Replica
On sale August 26, 2015
One of the UNSC’s most prominent troop and material transports will soon be available as an authentic, fully painted 6″ miniature replica. Display stand is included.

Halo UNSC Infinity 9″ Replica
On sale September 23, 2015
Without equal throughout all of the UNSC’s naval forces, Infinity is the largest and most powerful vessel ever employed by humanity. The UNSC Infinity will soon be available as an authentic, fully painted 9″ miniature replica. Display stand is included.

Halo Covenant Truth and Reconciliation 7″ Replica
On sale October 28, 2015

The Truth and Reconciliation is a Covenant cruiser ship, that first appeared in Halo: Combat Evolved.

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