Conan Exiles, Survival and Exploration Game


About the Game

Conan Exiles is a 2018 Survival and Open World video game by Funcom for PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It takes place in an open world of Conan the Barbarian, where the player moves freely around the land to complete several missions. The game offers the unique combination of Crafting, Building, Survival and Massively Multiplayer Online elements with Role-playing twist. The gamer can test his/her survival skills in the savage world, where he/she can build houses, a beautiful kingdom, and struggle to conquer the enemies in the epic conflicts.

Character Customization

The game comes with several customization choices, including voice, gender, and multiple physical attribute soldiers for both body and head. There are several races from which the player define his favourite one, including Stygian, Cimmerian, Hyborian, and Nordheimer, etc. Each race has its unique skills, abilities, and attributes which the player uses in his favour while playing the game. In the game, Religion assumes an important role and player may initially swear to one of four lords such as Mitra, Yog, Set, and Crome. Other religions will be learned later from non-player characters in-game.


Using the natural resources, the player must struggle to deal with hunger and thirst in addition to battling against hostile enemies, including other players from all over the world if taking part on a PvP (Player versus Player) matches. Non-player Character enemies offer Delta and Savannah fauna such as Rhinoceroses, Crocodiles, Hyenas, and more. Fictional beings are also available in the game like shellbacks, dinosaurs, dragons, and other undead creatures populate the world of Conan. Using the thrall system of the game human NPCs may be captured. Non-player characters, who are captured can offer various benefits to the player, depending on their profession, including crafting recipes, crafting speeds, ranged or melee defences.

Progression System

The player receives experience points as the reward for each defeated enemies, crafted or gathered items. Due to the lack of class-based system, the level-up system enables the degree of customization through the choices of crafting recipes and attribute points.


The game lets the player assume the protagonist’s role and takes him into the fictional prehistoric Hyborian age. During the gameplay, the characters of the player start convicted of several crimes, crucified under the desert sun, and sentenced to death. As the story advances, the protagonist in the game is rescued by Conan, and as an exile, he must explore the harsh desert landscape. The player controls the character from either a first-person perspective or third-person viewpoint with an objective to build a home, collect resources, and establish a kingdom to dominate the enemies in the massive warfare and SBOBETT.
After canon himself rescues the life of the player by cutting him down from the tree, he must learn to survive. In the harsh environment, the player must face sandstorms and struggle to defend himself from the intense temperature and hunt down animals for resources and food.


Build the kingdom and home to survive as long as possible.
Struggle to conquer the Exiled Lands by exploring the darkened ruins threatened by foul magic.
Participate in bloody combat and show off the hack-and-slash skills by killing enemies.
Must protect the created base from brutal monsters and other vicious beings from being destroyed

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