Continuum The Final Season Review


**Spoilers ahead**

When it was announced that this would be the final season of Continuum, it was a tough pill to swallow. We’ve come a long way since this being the detective from the year 2077 who finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver, and searching for ruthless criminals from the future. But they did not mess around making every episode leading to the end all or nothing war for the future. Shocking that this season was only 6 episodes, but that only made each one better seeing the effort they into quality over quantity.

Not going to lie it was shocking that Continuum made it through four seasons. Shows that SyFy has faith in their shows and so do their fans. Things started off shaky with the first season, mostly the acting. But things progressively always improved. The more the stakes were raised the more the plot grabbed us. It wasn’t just about going home for Kiera, it was about saving a future where that home exists. She was that hero of circumstance who didn’t ask to be all that stands between these factions and their questionable futures coming to light. And yet she did everything in her power to make sure the present couldn’t be twisted into a corrupt world. No easy task, and hammering the idea that everyone had something to fight for divided what you thought was right and wrong. Not everyone wins here, and each action comes with a consequence that all found out in some way or another the hard way.

This season created a scenario where we now have 4 timelines. 3 different factions all fighting for a future, and all trying to make that happen in the present. Knowing this was it, the creators held no one’s hand to bring this war to a close. Four seasons we had this constant struggle, and just about all of the cast except Kellogg you’ve come to care for because we see them as more than what they are fighting for. The people behind the trigger or the voice that influences them. A long way has come when this season forces choices to be made and sides to be taken. All starting with the invasion of a future which aims to change through force.

It was heartwarming seeing so many who were working against each other fighting for the same cause, but this shook things up for the better. We lost Lucas, Emily went her own way, Travis valiantly gave his life, even Julian followed his own path for the sake of being better than his future self. And all of them we felt something for because again those three seasons before opened our eyes to what each of them have at stake with their continued involvement. A part they each played closely to the point where even they cared for the well-being of one another. Now you can say killing those who died or getting rid of the others was an easy way to mold the future they wanted to make, but it came naturally. In the grand scheme of time it made sense who could and could not exist when the dust settled.

Continuum Final Hour 2Sometimes it was hard to root for Kiera when she was too consumed by getting back to her son instead of doing the right thing. Not that she ever faltered in the face of these obstacles, though it really took these extremists, and so many lives lost for her to kick into high gear. Now with that said, she becomes the admirable hero we’ve wanted her to be. Rising above the simple things that blinded her before. Alec too as he wasn’t all too likable in the beginning of the series either. In his own world, playing into the teen angst role too heavily. But he also grew out of that shell of a character to carry that appeal for someone who Kiera needed when all is said and done. He quickly realized what he was fighting for, and even became a sort of voice of reason which was surprising for his age yet not so much having in mind his intelligence. For the final season there was a bit of a nostalgic feel as he worked for the police department. Not the same, but close enough which made things exciting on top of everything else going on.

Continuum “Final Hour” is all about Kiera and Alec risking everything to stop the future soldiers.This episode felt like every moment was a goodbye and that made it all the more real that this was it. Kiera and Carlos coming to terms with the fact that as much as they enjoyed the good they did together, there was jobs to do. Kiera and Alec showing their appreciation for what they have done for each other to create a better future. Either these future soldiers succeed with their invasion, Kellogg takes advantage of yet another opportunity, or Kiera and the team find a way to create the future that was meant to be. This all came to a head when it was realized what these future soldiers were really planning for that portal to bring to the present. How Kiera and Alec solved that problem is what made this a triumphant moment. Not the move you expected from them to turn things in their favor.

It is also worth mentioning Kellogg made the perfect villain for the end of the series. That one guy who you just couldn’t trust no matter what whispers he put in you ears. Dangerous as the guy who looked out for himself. Even with knowledge of the future he had already created through his own greed. The transformation of Kellogg was so very fluent. Overlooking every fault as Kellogg just being Kellogg. And then this guy we laughed with every shenanigan till the realization that Kellogg really did have a heart of stone.

Continuum Final HourWhile the future is not 100% what Kiera expected for herself, it at least is the future she wanted for her son. Continuum concluded as a story where the right future demanded sacrifice, for better and for worse there was a happy ending.

The final season also gave us much better visuals and effects as well. Things did get a bit too noticeable with the mech suits, but everything else was on point. From Kiera’s CMR to the effects of time travel, they really did try to make this memorable. The fight sequences too, they were also on point. What you can’t forget is Travis’ final action sequence where he showed just why Pyron was going to such great lengths to acquire him and dissect him for what made him superhuman.

Continuum the final season is the end this series deserved. Some wish it could continue in some way. Maybe a spin-off, but in some way if not only for the fact that this is a big world to explore.

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