Could “SHADOWS & LIGHT” Bring Back Cloak & Dagger?


With just an image and clearly using the same symbolism for Cloak & Dagger, Shadows & Light must be our answer to why we haven’t seen more of these two, right? It would be a shame to waste this opportunity with the show premiering this Thursday. It has always killed me how you could have this diverse duo and they constantly find themselves being used as plot devices for big events, and then soon forgotten. Clearly this isn’t going to be one of those times where you expect those who will watch the show to pick up the books, but that doesn’t mean that those who read the books haven’t been waiting a long time for this possibility. I know I have.

What I want to see from this IF it is a new ongoing/mini is where these two now currently find themselves. Will they always need to depend on one another? Can their relationship only be mutual? Where do they fit in this current state of the Marvel Universe? And there is much more to wonder when the sky has always been the limit for Cloak and Dagger.

With that said, this doesn’t come without fear. There are some situations where Marvel will twist a comic character to match the tv/movie counterpart, and that is something to brace ourselves for with an announcement coming around the same time as the live-action premiere. I mean would Marvel be that bold? Because that would surely disappoint many fans including this guy who feels that this marketing tactic can be cheap. This isn’t to say that this is going to happen, but with anticipation comes worry towards what this may not actually be.

Nonetheless, this is a great time to be fans of Cloak & Dagger considering they are not the kind of heroes you would think they would take a chance on right now whether for a new comic or live-action show.

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