Dark Matter “All the Time in the World” Review


DARK MATTER — “All the Time In the World” Episode 304 — Pictured: (l-r) Anthony Lemke as Three, Ayisha Issa as Solara Shockely — (Photo by: Stephen Scott/Dark Matter Series 3/Syfy)

We might find ourselves in the midst of a corporate war, but war never means that you forget the regular people who are affected just as much if not more. Dark Matter “Welcome to the Revolution” challenged what you are willing to do in order to make a difference and gave Six a proper farewell(for now). We’ve said goodbye to one character and hello to two new additions that are ripe with potential. Definitely on track for some good things to come as the Raza Crew continue to push forward.

Let me tell you something, when I read that this episode would center around Three finding himself trapped in a time loop, reliving the same day? I was all in. Three is the guy who likes to get his hands dirty, but he is also the entertainment value. This felt like a situation only he could find himself in. Just that first scene was a taste of what his experience was like and I couldn’t help but smile. That wasn’t even two minutes into the episode which was a good sign. Now some people might look at the whole Groundhog Day plot as a been there done that kind of situation. However, the way they approach it here makes sense. Well not completely, but this is a galaxy where the impossible is becoming more possible as the days go by. For Three in particular this was perfect because he is not someone you take seriously enough to believe that this is happening to him. The things he goes through and the ways he takes advantage of what will be reset can only happen with him. But seriously, I don’t think I could have loved Three any more than I did now.

Now even through the humor of Three failing to break this cycle, there was still some development here to take in throughout. This thing with Sarah was inevitable and luckily the humor didn’t take away from what was important for Three to confront. It was enlightening to a point where you have to wonder what more there will be to her second chance at life.

Things also get a little dark here which caught me off guard. One minute your smiles, and suddenly things turn grim when faced with what really can go wrong when you mess with time. One crew member learns this the hard way and the foreshadowing gets some wheels turning for what the rest of this season may have in store for us. One of the things I was a little eh about, but the majority definitely creates some anticipation.

DARK MATTER — “All the Time In the World” Episode 304 — Pictured: Anthony Lemke as Three — (Photo by: Stephen Scott/Dark Matter Series 3/Syfy)

Now our two new characters, Solara and Adrian, do start to grow on you this episode. They come in with their own brand of humor by the way they react to shenanigans on the Raza. It goes without saying that this crew have had their share of impossible situations, but sometimes it takes some outside perspective to let the ridiculousness genuinely sink in. I think Solara definitely has a lot to offer as someone who shows more professionalism. That is a serious contrast from most of the cast, and in particular Three. From the minute these two started clashing you wanted to see more of them together. Adrian on the other hand you find just as fun as Three. He’s naive, can’t properly defend himself, and struggles to find a place of importance. Where Three you might struggle to take seriously, he you can’t really at all and it isn’t a bad thing.

Last week Ryo made a big power play against the crew when he decided to hire a bunch of bounty hunters to take them down. Up till then it was hard to actually say that he is the villain. Now the role of villain is pretty much set in stone. Wasn’t expecting something to come of his move so soon. Especially knowing now that there is no love lost about what will be done by either side to take or keep the blink drive.

A timeloop really isn’t that big of a stretch for the Raza Crew. They took an old concept and they did something unique to the world of Dark Matter. So much set-up came from this that you couldn’t have prepared for. “All the Time in the World” isn’t as serious as the episodes before, but it is all about the adventure when you’re out there in space. These characters have range, the new characters fit in very well, and others definitely shook you up a bit by the consequences of messing with time.

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