Dark Matter “Give It up, Princess” Review


Never had as much fun with an episode of Dark Matter as we did with last week’s episode. Surely there can always be an episode like that to look forward to per season. But back to the real work because what’s going on around the Raza Crew and what the future teased the Android proved that they can’t afford the distractions.

Now as good as the last two episodes have been, its hard not to argue with the desire to jump back into the thick of this intergalactic war. It’s still going on out there whether we are seeing direct impacts from it or not. So it was better now than later to get into what the Raza Crew can do to either stop or put a pause on this war. Some could say convenience, though when you are dealing with people from Adrian’s world you are bound to run into something significant. That aside, I wasn’t expecting so soon that we would have an episode where Adrian was the main focus. Well truthfully this was probably the best time since you want to make sure there is some relevance to him staying aboard the Raza rather than to be an obstacle. I mean Solara is badass enough to make up for the loss of Four and Six, but this was Adrian’s time to prove his worth.This is not to say Adrian wasn’t still able to bring the entertainment. He has his own brand of humor that you can’t get from any of the others.

For the rest of the Raza Crew, it was interesting to see the way they would handle themselves having to take a backseat to Adrian’s approach to action. They were all asking the same questions we did. Can you trust Adrian? Is this a mission that won’t backfire on us? Can we just do this our own way? All these things mattered when worrying about what would go wrong and you knew they would.

With that said, I don’t think anybody caught you off guard as much as Android. The part she plays in all of this has been growing steadily since the first episode of season three. Though this right here? I think I speak for everyone when I say it was about time she got back into the field. For that upgrade she was given, you want them to take any and all opportunities where she can pull off the things they can’t because of notoriety. It’s almost like experiencing a whole new character when she goes through these characters. Of course more human, though there is that personality and style which grabs you instantly. Next to that, I was impressed by Michael Bisping as a villain for this episode. I don’t know too much about MMA, but I do know there is always a need to be skeptical about their acting ability. That was surprisingly put to ease as he was an intimidating individual who brought out the worst in everyone. From the minute he spoke you got that need to antagonize. Would have hoped for a bit more from those final moments, yet things were good until that point.

This episode came with some surprising character interactions. After Six left there was a hole to fill in for Five as she needed someone else that she could really click with. Solara also was at a point where she needed a connection that wasn’t simply putting up with Adrian or shaming Three for how unprofessional he is.

On the other end we get back to some development from the Empire and Ryo dealing with the obstacles that keep him from getting his way. He could be out there trying to beat back his enemies and what not, but this is a crucial period for him where he has to figure out the kind of ruler he wants to be. Not the kind his father was his step-mother or his brother. The influence of those around him creates the perfect challenge as well, especially when they all want to steer him in a different direction.

Dark Matter “Give It up, Princess” was a great episode to give character to Adrian. Even just learning a bit more about Solara on the side was a good start. I’m hoping that in time we will see more of her background fleshed out. A few characters and scenes definitely stood out among the rest in a way that you didn’t see coming. It was a treat in terms of Android in particular. Overall it just felt great that we are back on track where it matters that this war must be stopped any way possible.

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