Dark Matter “We Should Have Seen This Coming” Review


Dark Matter 'We Should Have Seen This Coming' 4The previous episode of Dark Matter was great for yet another loose end tied up before the Raza crew could move forward again. Well not just another loose end, for them it’s just another name to the list of people they needed to take out to feel any sort of safety from this conflict they’ve been dragged into. Now with that out of the way we look forward to a new episode of Dark Matter which may hold something new for the entire crew.

I think we all agree right now that Nyx was fast to become a fan favorite. Not for just her mysteries and skillsets that catch you off guard as they are revealed. You like her because she brings a level of excitement to the Raza crew that you couldn’t normally get with them constantly on the run or trying to make money. She comes with her own baggage, but it isn’t the crew’s which makes her intriguing to explore. Six episodes in and we are now getting to see who she really is and the anticipation kills a bit. You probably came up with your own theories and surely enough most of them landed somewhere close to her being a little more than human. When we start to dive into Nyx’s past, you start to feel the same excitement from when you came to understand that Two was more than your average person. When everything was finally explained, it made sense of everything Nyx is capable of. You definitely are left wanting to see what it would be like to see her fully being able to use her abilities without feeling like she’s hiding it.

This was indeed personal for Nyx and it came with seeing a different side to her. Clearly she was running away from something. A threat to her that would make her feel vulnerable, which doesn’t seem like a feeling she is familiar with. Or at least hasn’t been in quite some time. For the sake of shaking things up this was good for the fact that what she does here changes the way the Raza crew look at her. They are in a tough spot as well where the last thing they want to do is deal with someone who they can’t get a good read on.

Character development and exploration aside, we do start to make some progress towards those who are hunting them down. The kind of progress you would expect now that there was nothing too personal like taking care of Corso to derail them. Though what you enjoy most about where this direction takes them is that we are back to something more familiar. They are no strangers to the kind of work they are doing when it comes to being strapped for cash. And they are also no strangers to an operation that ends up becoming more than what it seems on the surface. This ma have been one of those operations where things didn’t go quite so well, it at least made the statement of where they stand in terms of sacrifice. The kind of characteristics as a whole necessary to capture at a point where we are building up to something that will flip the universe on it’s head.

Dark Matter 'We Should Have Seen This Coming' 3This new person introduced to us through Nyx was the best person you could ask for who could bridge that gap between events of the now and future. The actor someone sci-fi show fans should recognize from a number of shows as well. Though more importantly this was a vital role he filled that should get everyone jumpy about what the Raza crew’s purpose truly is.

The tension between Six and Three has been disappointing, though in the sense of not wanting there to be that tension having in mind that Six knows he was wrong before. A little convenient that both were forced together, though you could only really push their issues for so long before a resolution becomes necessary. There is resolution and it was the most you could ask for as another small thing that would and could hold them back.

Dark Matter “We Should Have Seen This Coming” did something for us that makes you love the show a little more than you usually do. That is giving us more sci-fi elements that challenge a universe where the strongest are those who are physically superior or tactically superior with weaponry. We shouldn’t of course forget that there was important plot development here and we finally see through the veil of Nyx. Overall there was a lot of takeaways here that keep you thinking about the next episode and the one after that.

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