Dark Matter “Welcome to the Revolution” Review


DARK MATTER — “Welcome To The Revolution” Episode 303 — Pictured: (l-r) Melissa O’Neil as Two, Anthony Lemke as Three — (Photo by: Stephen Scott/Dark Matter Series 3/Syfy)

Last week was quite the start to our Dark Matter season 3. Two hours jumping back into this galaxy that was on the brink of war. Well at this point we might as well say the war has begun and the players are picking their sides. We have our enemies, some familiar faces and the stakes have been made. New opportunities are arisen for characters who haven’t had the chance to dive into their past.

Dark Matter “Welcome to the Revolution” throws us into what the Raza crew plan to do next after regrouping and taking back the blink drive. Where this episode picks up was a bit confusing at first. It did make you feel like you may have missed something between now and when last week’s episode ended. Nonetheless the opening was handled in a Raza kind of style where they have clearly been busy showing that they are still a force to be reckoned with despite what they have been through up to this point. To some extent you could possibly look at this as a filler-like episode. Not completely, but with so much going on out there in the galaxy it was hard to imagine that they would so soon find themselves trying to broker peace for a rebellion. They had a valid reason for what got them stuck in this situation, but the situation itself just seemed less than ideal. What happened here was a strong representation of what’s going on when you look past just the corporations going against each other.

This ended up turning into another big episode for Six. I’ll give his character credit that he has the strongest dialogue than any other of the Raza crew. This was his territory where he stood out as the most vocal and active in making sure things ended without too much loss. Definitely the best person who could create the kind of tension he did just because most aren’t willing to go as far as he does to play hero. Most times I would have to say Six grinded my gears when he gets like this, but the cast as a whole has evolved to the point where this is practically who they are and what they stand for. Two had the best response to Six for the fact that they have a poor record of things going wrong when they try to interfere.

DARK MATTER — “Welcome To The Revolution” Episode 303 — Pictured: Alex Mallari as Four — (Photo by: Stephen Scott/Dark Matter Series 3/Syfy)

There was a strong sub-plot development thrown in the middle of this rebellion. I must admit this was the only part which I couldn’t figure out how I felt about. This sudden twist off the bat had felt as if we were going back to a problem that they shouldn’t be having still. This was only based on what we knew off the bat, so I was glad to see that there was much more to this than what was assumed. It was a cool scene for the visuals since this was dealing with Android. It was also important that they emphasize her continued importance to the crew during times like this. Sometimes it can be easy to forget how formidable she can be when you are fighting her on her turf.

This episode continues pressing forward with Ryo’s handling of his empire from within. The season premiere did leave us with one thought, and that was how this will be an uphill climb. He has two strong allies who don’t trust each other, and jump-starting a war was only a start to what could probably save his people. But what takes more interest here is the fact that Ryo has made it clear that he is an enemy of anyone who isn’t trying to fight for his cause.

Dark Matter “Welcome to the Revolution” challenged what you are willing to do in order to make a difference in this galaxy. The human element of a story like this is not something to overlook. Great character development, and they really did Six justice where you can’t roll your eyes this time at what he decides is right. With a war going on out there, moments like these matter more than you think.

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