Top 5 Tv Shows Of 2013|Darlene


So many awesome shows so little time! Hopefully this will help you figure out which ones to check out and possibly start a few new favorites! Here we go!


5.) Bates Motel

Oh I jumped in excitement when I heard about this little show! It’s based off Hitchcock, Psycho. It’s more of a prequel really. We watch how sweet and innocent Norman Bates becomes the twisted murderer we meet in the film. It’s set in modern day in a fictional town called White Pine Bay, Oregon. It’s not just any small town; it’s full of corruption and human trafficking as well. This show is wonderfully casted and has very solid acting.



4.) Walking Dead

The first half to this season was so incredibly good! First a weird virus threatens to turn the survivors into zombies. Including some of beloved main characters. The Governor is back! He seemed to have turned a new leaf until he found a new group of lost individuals to lead. Once more there is war on the prison! Another home is on the verge to be lost. Many die, few survive. Rick is once more forced to reprise his role as the leader of the group. Check it out! The second half of this season is just around the corner!




3.) Orange Is the New Black

A true Netflix Original series set in prison, a women’s prison! It’s a dark comedy about a woman named Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) being sentenced to 15 months in prison for transporting illegal drug money. The crime had been committed in her youth 10 years before. After having been living a normal life in New York City with her fiancée (Jason Biggs), she is sent to prison. There are many interesting characters in this prison and their stories are simply heartbreaking.



2.) Game of Thrones

What a fantastic season! The Starks are in great trouble and the Lannisters are in no better shape even if they do reside on the throne. Many weddings occur, the most famous one being a particularly “red” one. Of course there is a lot of betrayal to go around as usual. And we learn that not all the characters are true monsters, except for Joffrey of course. My one question is: When are the dragons coming?!



1.)  Doctor Who

Do I really need to give any reason to watch Doctor Who? It’s incredibly good! This year we got 2 incredible specials. First “The Day of the Doctor” which celebrated the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who! It had quite the line-up as we had past Doctors make an appearance, including my favorite David Tennant! His exit line hurt once more but it was good to see him again. There is news on Gallifrey and we learn of the War Doctor (John Hurt). The second special is the Christmas episode, “The Time of the Doctor” where along with great and touching moments, we say goodbye to our 11th Doctor, Matt Smith. But say hello to our 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi. Can’t wait for the new adventure to begin!


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