DC Legends: Heroes and Villians Unite


Superhero fun for comic fans

In the DC Legends app, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and other superheroes unite in the battle against Nekron and the merciless army of the Manhunters. Finally, Warner Bros. brings together all the DC heroes in a free RPG app. In the strategy RPG with action elements, Superman and his archenemy. Doomsday, fight side by side to prevent the end of the universe.

The legendary tales of DC

The “Blackest Night” comics serve as a basis for the conflict, in which a dark power takes control of all the dead heroes and villains inciting them to rise against the living. After downloading the app, you will first meet the most prominent of all DC heroes, Superman. After the army of the Manhunters has returned, and has looked to all creatures – including superheroes and super-scouts – there is only one salvation: Heroes and villains must become legends together.

The player must collect both heroes and villains to form their team, their skills upgraded and their equipment customised to match. If you play long enough, the characters can evolve further into legends as well. Superheroes and comic book style have become so ingrained in popular culture from, comics to movies and TV series, from console gaming to iGaming and as such have also become popular at Bitcasino, with online slots – sometimes branded – featuring and their antics.

The battle and ranks of DC Legends

There are three different power sources in which all heroes and villains are ranked – so there are strengths and weaknesses in and against certain skills. In classic RPG fashion, the battles are round-based, each character can use one of two basic attacks, one of which can be used for each round. It is also necessary to make tactical decisions as some attacks last several rounds meaning so they cannot be used every time. In addition, it is always advisable to include characters in the team who have healing powers or can build shields. In each battle, rewards are distributed with the quality and number of which are also dependent on how many of the characters have survived the battle without being knocked out as well as the energies and experience gained.

 In addition, new characters can be unlocked in this way. Building up your characters and upgrading them is critical because the enemies quickly become stronger and harder to defeat the further into the game you go. Heroes can be upgraded to the status of “legendary, “which gives them particularly strong powers. Characters powers can also be augmented with a vast array of gemstones that along with energies, experience points and game currencies. Players can also pit their teams against those of other players to add a bit more of a competitive feel to the game. 

DC Legends is an entertaining mobile game, which should appeal to fans of the DC Comics and all its heroes and villains. The strategy battles are easy to understand, but also complex enough to keep you coming back for more.

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