DC/CW’s “Crisis on Earth-X” Part 3 & 4 Review


So far this is exactly what it means to do a crossover. Everything should be connected and move in one singular direction from start to finish. They did the wedding, we understand the enemy, their intentions, and what is at stake if our heroes don’t put a stop to this new invasion. The action has been satisfying and they did right by making use of the heroes we love most to seen in a fight. Going into the second half of Crisis on Earth-X, the hope is that they keep up with the momentum they have picked up and push at what it will take for these heroes to save the day.

The exploration of Earth-X itself is a good step forward. The best way to understand where these doppelgangers come from is to experience what life is like on their Earth. For our heroes this was one heck of a situation to stick them with. On a different Earth, powers dampened, and surrounded by guards. You really had to wonder how they would get out of this one. The suspense kicked in fast because things did seem hopeless up till the inevitable escape would be enacted. Who sprung them out was a surprise since this person was like others the complete opposite of who you were used to from Earth One. Almost as surprising as who you find to be in command of the rebellion. So much is flipped right on its head and you have to love the effort in thinking outside the box in terms of whose doppelganger we get to see. What development came of this travel to Earth-X was excellent since this is the first time a danger has arisen to the point where there is an argument over which Earth is a priority to save. The introduction of their Citizen Cold and Ray had a creative approach to it since one is familiar while the other one is new. They were nothing like what you expected them to be like aside from what you know based off of Leonard from Earth One or Ray from the description given of his character. For Ray in particular you didn’t need to know his whole backstory in order to understand who he is and what he fights for. Since this is a crossover, it would have been risky to use any time for an origin story.

This part of the story crushed you considering so much could go wrong trying to get back to Earth One and survive the trip. The second half of “Crisis on Earth-X” raised the urgency in a big way, and not without putting life after life at stake. You knew that a story this bog couldn’t happen without the loss of someone. You could probably guess who that would be just based on casting, if you pay attention to that sort of thing, but that didn’t change the impact of that moment. Not to mention the emotion leading up to that point. It was a sacrifice that you couldn’t have written for a better character. I’m glad this wasn’t something they did for the shock either as you felt that pain through everyone.

Evil Supergirl I somehow liked more than I should have. She was everything opposite to our Supergirl and the acting was done well enough that these did feel like two different characters. Sometimes it’s not enough to simply change your voice, you have to actually sell it in everything you do that the other person wouldn’t. Thawne was a treat as well for someone who lived up to his comic counterpart. The one villain you just can’t get rid of and revels in that consistent opportunity he is given time and time again.

As for the rest of the group on Earth One, I found it humorous how they weren’t facing a situation any better, but they also have the room to butt heads. It was actually a favorable twist that they would throw Felicity and Iris into the fire. This was definitely one of those times where you wanted to at least show what some on this team are capable of with no powers. We all love to see the superpowered heroes in action, but nonetheless for these two this was their time to shine. The danger they faced kept you on edge since all it would have taken was one wrong move for either or both of them to lose their lives. When the Legends finally join the party, that was when things got truly exciting. They have a tendency to already bring the fun when wherever they go, and shook thing up in the best of ways.

The stakes were without a doubt raised when you figured out what the Nazis were up to. There was one thing I will say they never got to till part three, and that was addressing how they planned to take over Earth One and any else they set their sights on. We knew how they planned to save the general, that they wanted to expand their control, so all that was left was how they were going to possibly pull this off. The truth was thinking outside the box.

Everything leading up to the final act of “Crisis on Earth-X” was worth it to see everyone joining forces for one final confrontation. This time around the cast is much bigger and there was less CGI used for the enemy, so all around there was much more to take in through direct contact. They never focused too much on one person over the other either which I think everyone can appreciate. For the most part the spotlight was shared between all of them, and some even proved to still have more tricks up their sleeves. This whole fight in the end was fast-paced and straight to the point. Anything more would have probably just been dragging it on, so I believe they nailed it.

Stein and Jax find sentiment during this dark period and that was something to appreciate more than anything else going on. I love these two, and Firestorm is my favorite hero. I don’t know what the future will be like for either, though you can’t deny that out of everything that went on that they didn’t move you to possible tears. I have enough pride to admit that I was close there.

DC/CW “Crisis on Earth-X” Part 3 & 4 was one hell of a way to wrap up this crossover. I’m not sure exactly who was running the show last time these heroes crossed paths, but this was a HUGE improvement. I don’t know if they will ever do something like this again, but the bar has been set knowing they have figured out the best way to go about this. We got action, emotion, and it wasn’t over-saturated in drama. Each DCTV show was given to the crossover, but so much happened within these four episodes that you can’t say their personal stories were neglected along the way.

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