DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Amazing Grace” Review


Things are moving fast, and I’m not just saying that because Wally is now aboard the Waverider. Last week there was a lot to take in between totems changing hands, a better understanding of where the threat of Mallus comes from, and even the Time Bureau learning the hard way that there are some things they shouldn’t ignore. Every step of the way you can feel that we are getting that much closer to the emergence of Mallus, and all it might only take one good anachronism to break his chains.

This week’s anachronism being Elvis was bigger than just the name. It was the smart play to try for someone more influential when the changes would be so apparent in the present. Not at all the kind of tampering with time that you can easily overlook. Their reactions to this one was gold. Now while other trips through time this season have been fun, this one was different for the struggle the team has in adjusting to this time period. One where it doesn’t hurt to be proper, and prepared for the mindset people still had during this period. Truthfully it was about time that they took a bigger risk visiting a time where being different would be uncomfortable. With that said, the big question was what exactly the anachronism is. Who really would have thought that the sixth totem really would have been the Death Totem? A bit on the nose if you ask me, but it adds to the urgency that they would have this totem that challenges the realm of possibilities more than any of the others. Not only did the bearer take up the totem without much challenge, it created a stronger bond than any we have seen either. In general it was quite the experience to take this journey back into the supernatural.

The challenge of the Death Totem was handled very well. Sometimes we get so used to Legends of Tomorrow being that show where the team simply punches and blasts their way out of trouble, that it is easy to forget that there are other ways to solve a problem. Their solution was creative and engaging for the atmosphere set through said song in the title of the episode.

Now Nate’s drive to help Elvis and in turn save rock and roll was refreshing. While Nate took his journey to becoming a hero, he lost what originally made him stand out from the rest. It wasn’t just about saying this or that about a time period at the start of a mission, he needed consistent passion in these abnormalities. Only disappointing that it took something more personal for him to care this much. Nate’s desire to show Amaya why music is important to him wasn’t a bad development either. This was more of a favorable episode between the two where you could enjoy their relationship without them worrying about the same things as the week before. The end destination for the two might be the same, but the journey to that point is admittedly memorable.

Amaya returning the favor for Nate was a nice twist. She has shown some serious growth that you have to admire for all the ways she responds to the past and future beyond what she is used to.

Zari helping their newest member, Wally, try to adjust to the team felt fitting. Not too long ago it was Zari trying to fit in, and since then she has been the one character who has a stronger breakthrough with those she connects with. Fitting in with this team wasn’t the only problem for Wally. This episode was a great time to as they say, nerf Wally. When you have a speedster on your team, honestly there shouldn’t be anything impossible. Wally proved that last week as he stole the Fire Totem unexpectedly. These moments with Zari was the perfect opportunity to create a situation where he would get that idea put into his head that not everything will be solved by running really fast.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Amazing Grace” is a different experience altogether from other adventures so far. When Mallus desire big anachronisms to break free from his prison, now was the best time to jump into some obstacles with bigger stakes. They did not disappoint there or undercut crucial moments with humor.

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