DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow “Dancing Queen” Review


Congratulations to DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow for being the only DC/CW show that can have you going from awe and shock because unicorns, and then quickly hit you with “What the Disney hell…?” because of fairy godmothers. These past two weeks have given us all the whimsical you can handle when pandora’s box has been opened to the magical world. This week’s magical creature sends the Legends to London in the 1970s. The British Monarchy is under threat, where the mission is to get close to the royals to protect them and figure out who is after them.

This week’s magical creature ended up being another treat for what it turned out to be. The first week was a unicorn, the following week a fairy godmother, so with those two reveals it made it easier to accept what they could run into this time around. This one was a bit more fitting as well in contrast to the other two just based on the location being across the sea. Before it even came time for the big reveal, there was the shocker that Ray (Brandon Routh) of all Legends being the one to gain the trust of those in question after he is put through a series of tests with help from Sara (Caity Lotz) and Rory (Dominic Purcell). Compared to the other two missions, this one was without a doubt more of a slow crawl since the action was less direct. We had to work for that bigger development to unfold. Not a bad thing at all. This allowed for more room to challenge what Ray could do with the opportunity to break the rules for the right reasons.

The gang that Ray infiltrated were interesting. This magical creature had a bit more personality than the previous two, so there was more to deal with when it came to separating person from fugitive. Particularly when it is Ray who is in ground zero. I enjoyed the questions that he was able to raise so early on. We were able to draw some lines in the sand that should shake things up about this overall mission down the road. By the end of this week’s adventure it was easy to understand why the Fugitive the team is after will end up looking a lot like Amaya. Familiar face, though this is actually Charlie, the new character that Maisie Richardson-Sellers will be playing this season. An interesting development considering how this came to be.

Without Nate, the dynamic of the team has definitely changed up a bit. You have Zari and Ray growing closer, Roy and Constantine always one argument away from killing each other, and then Sara playing babysitter once more to make sure that everyone is focused on the mission at hand. You wouldn’t think that one person absent could change so much for them, but clearly that is the case without their resident historian on board. It was also interesting to see that there could be moments shared between Constantine and Zari. They have been quick to engage him with the rest of the Legends, and in much different ways than you would have initially assumed. Especially when the right person interacting with Constantine led to his first real experience with time traveling. In other words, finding a connection to the past that brought up memories of older days. Only hilarity could ensue, even if fleeting, just to rip the band-aid off that some things he can’t change.

On the topic of Nate again, it doesn’t hurt having him working more intimately with the Time Bureau. For as much as we have seen of the Time Bureau, everything for the most part was a glance or just what we needed to see on the surface. Working with them in a greater capacity opens the doors to what makes them tick. It made a big difference as well that it would end up being Gary (guest star Adam Tsekhman) shows Nate the ropes. Gary would be that guy who knows his way around the office, while at the same time being that guy who can make it entertaining through his own shenanigans. So it definitely did turn out to be anything other than an ordinary day at the office. Where this tour of Nate and Gary takes them in general was worth the laugh. Missions can take all sorts of forms, and this opened us up to a new exciting approach.

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow “Dancing Queen” was fun, intense, and full of twists. Just when you think you have seen everything, you have truly seen nothing at all. I’m glad that bracing ourselves for anything has taken a whole new meaning with magical creatures run amok.

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