DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Helen Hunt” Review


A number of wheels have begun turning since the events of last week’s episode. An enemy returned, a character changing decision is made, and trust was tested for others. It was just the episode we needed to kick-start the major plot for this season. Some powerful foes have stepped up, and now it was time to understand who was pulling their strings. There’s still much to reveal, but for now a step in the right direction. This time around it seems we are shaking things up for a simple cleaning up of the next anachronism.

After the events of last week, it was interesting to see the change in Sara moving forward. Since the start of this season you could see the way Rip’s actions have influenced her actions as a leader. This is the time where she really digs down to figure out the kind of leader she wants to be compared to him. Someone who can be trusted to make the right call, to respect the dignity of those around her, and prioritize their safety. All qualities Rip challenged and forced her to hold on to when recent developments have complicated their initial mission in dealing with the anachronisms.

Helen of Troy was a nice change from the normal anachronism. The problem usually is that the person doesn’t belong where they end up, but she fits right in. It made a little more sense where she was misplaced in contrast to others. Sometimes I might say that there is a hint of convenience, even now, but this situation feels more thought through. Not to mention Hollywood in the 1930s is a different scene where anything can happen. Understanding where things would go wrong for her being in the wrong time period shook things up in a big way as well. Unlike most of the others misplaced, she actually has a stronger way of adapting to where she finds herself. You didn’t even need to know how she could start a war between two film studios, only that her story will always be the same no matter where she goes. It was all about the reveal in that moment and that had a solid execution to escalate things. With that said, her development was genuine for the fact that for all the trouble she causes, there is sympathy for actions out of her control.

Running into Damien Darhk and the others who have been recruited along the way was the best way to light a fire under the Legend’s butts to deal with this anachronism. It was one thing to have someone who really doesn’t want to go back to her own time, but another thing entirely when there is an obstacle aiding her stay. These three complicate things when you don’t know what their full motives are. It seems that chaos is on the mind, and they do have the objective to bring their leader back, but their endgame remains unknown. Especially Darhk who would kill someone on a whim just because it might make him feel good. Now Amaya and Kuasa engaging each other finally is what I was looking forward to most. They are still teasing us with the full understanding of their relationship, though the tension between them as totem-bearers keeps things entertaining. All that aside, the action was satisfying when you knew this would all lead to another clash. Some rose to the occasion, while some others struggled under the pressure.

Now Stein and Jax working to fix their Firestorm was going to be easier said than done, but you couldn’t have prepared yourself for exactly what this unusual predicament was. You were looking for your general humor for the episode and they for once were the perfect source for a good laugh. I will give the showrunners credit this season that they have been pulling off some clever classic references through a number of episodes. Some obvious, while others take a little more thought to see the connection. This pop culture reference was worth it just to see a version of Firestorm that we wouldn’t have gotten any other way. Truthfully it was cool in general that we could see Firestorm again since they have been sidelined for quite some time.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Helen Hunt” was fast-paced, hard-hitting, and had some sincere moments you that weren’t expecting till they came. Helen was refreshing as an anachronism who questioned if correcting is always right, and how wrong things can go when the person can be a bit out of the ordinary. This situation was thinking outside the box which I do hope they continue to do down the road. It pushed everyone outside of their comfort zone, especially when Darhk is looking to take advantage of these anachronisms at the same time.

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