DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow “Hell No, Dolly!” Review


“Hell No, Dolly!” is an interesting episode for the Legends of Tomorrow. While other shows are preparing for their Elseworlds crossover, this episode serves as the first episode of a two-part midseason finale. This week’s episode shakes things up with the Legends traveling to old-timey New Orleans, on the hunt for a magical fugitive who appears to be able to possess dolls. I think it was about time we jumped into that weird territory.

Normally for a show like this, I might say that it is too convenient this season the way that the Legends have been stumbling upon their latest fugitive. With the anachronisms, it was a simple matter of choice depending on which one was affecting time and space more than the others. However, now it is usually the first thing they pick up from something changed that doesn’t make sense. It was refreshing that we could use Ava more in noticing these discrepancies with history. That aside, the shenanigans that the Legends got themselves into this week was priceless. They embrace the ridiculous and just have fun with the things that make their time on this ship worthwhile. It was interesting how this would lead to Ava and Rory at odds. Ava fits in more and more each week for the way that she clashes with everything she isn’t used to. The risks, the rules, the consequences, its humorous to have someone to work with who takes these things seriously when everyone else does not.

Old-timey New Orleans was an interesting destination. There was some nice costumes, the settings were accurate, but it was nothing too standout in contrast to previous points in time. I wouldn’t say this was a negative, but it could be easy for a viewer to be disappointed by the lack of exploration.

Where they made up for the lack of time spent in New Orleans was the kind of danger the Legends faced from this fugitive. There was no telling exactly what we were bracing for from this fugitive who can possess dolls. I was definitely thinking of something more in line with puppeteering, though it was much better that this turned into a Chuckie-like scenario. This series is well-known for some notable references, and this was one of them undeniably. If it wasn’t the terrifying nature of this fugitive, it was the way that the team reacted to what it is capable of. They’ll never convince me that a simple puppet can create as much of a problem as it did for the Legends, but you can’t argue with the idea of fighting something that defies the rules of engagement for inanimate objects. Everything about this encounter so far has been scenes plucked right out of your average horror movie.

Another week for John Constantine facing some of the troubles that come with stepping into familiar territory. While he has his own storyline at a slow crawl, there was plenty of other ways to shake up his experience in contrast to the others. The first time was personal, but this time a little more than you would expect when confronting his tragic past. I think most fans of Constantine will appreciate the best of both worlds that were given here. We got to explore more of his affectionate side, and at the same time found ourselves able to get an example from this show as to what it means to get caught up in his orbit. In other words, what it means to become another casualty from those he crosses. These devastating consequences for the rest of the team could have been more of the usual for Constantine, but what this actually led to was jaw-dropping. It was in that moment where you could piece together why this was more of a two-part episode. What also stood out here was the way that Zari and Charlie connected to Constantine through his meddling with time. While Ava has been the buzzkill for the way that she enforces the rules, Zari plays a captivating role as the person who knows how to appeal to the part of you that has to confront the dangers of stepping on butterflies.

It was nice to have Gary back this time around. For a second I was almost thinking that they were using Mona as a way of replacing him. Not that that would be a bad thing, but it also would disappoint many who might be split on who they like more. Their quirkiness are both unique and complimentary. With that said, I’m still getting used to more of these episodes splitting the story between the Legends and what goes on in the Time Bureau. It was bolder that there was a separate thing going on for both Gary and Mona. Leaning towards Mona was wise since she still had a role to sink into. Some things were predictable based on her personality, but other developments were refreshing for the fact that Mona really lets her emotions take the wheel. Her connection to magic creatures is something to take notice of for the engagement that is more genuine than hostile.

At the end of the day, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow “Hell No, Dolly!” was a wild ride for the craziness these characters get themselves into. Every action has a response, and there was no better time to emphasize where things can go wrong without consideration. I look forward to seeing where the direction of this season might shift after the actual midseason finale next week.

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