DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Midseason Premiere “Daddy Darhkest” Review


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I will be the first to say that I’m not the biggest fan of midseason breaks. Especially when everything airing as they come back is inconsistent. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow came back at a weird time when everything else already came back a month before. That said, this second half of the season has been worth looking forward to when the first episode back graces us with the appearance of Constantine. A character we should see more of honestly. That and a shake up in the roster now that they lost their biggest hitter, and two members of the team in the process.

Being that this episode is the grand entrance of Constantine once again in the DC/CW universe, it was great that they began with his involvement off the bat. No time was wasted showing the way he does what he does best. With so much dealings with magic, I’m actually quite shocked that it took this long for him to make his presence known. This situation was unique considering he wasn’t called upon, he actually made the visit himself.

The one thing I had to wonder here was what version of Constantine we were getting in Legends of Tomorrow. He could be a Constantine who is playing the rare role of team player, or he could fall back to old habits when the going gets tough facing Mallus. A few things did manage to surprise about the way they have decided to portray him. One thing particular stuck out concerning his sexuality. Not a big deal of course, but the willingness is worth giving recognition. That aside, the way he interacts with Sara was fun considering the Constantine we know also doesn’t like to deal with an authority greater than his. She isn’t someone who will put up with his antics and shenanigans, so the clashing of his attitude with hers made for an amusing engagement.

With this episode also being the midseason premiere, that meant that there is still fallout to explore from losing Stein and Jax. Emotions were still felt here and there, though it was probably best that they tried to move forward in spite of this. For the sake of story and plot progression given there is still a lot going on between the Darhk’s, Kuasa, and Mallus.

Plot was important here and they nailed this through the exploration of the supernatural, and focusing in on what would make this a case worthy of the Legend’s attention. Meaning another point in time that they find themselves in conveniently as it deals with their current situation. At this point we are always going to run into someone noteworthy, and this girl they run into in the present-day psychiatric hospital was no different. Once you get past this, there is the element of horror that quickly begins to set in. Very different from most situations which is refreshing this season. This was another development I wonder why it took so long to get to. Not everything dealing with magic is dark or evil, but there is a darkness we haven’t dug into that they are luckily able to unleash now. Better now than never if you ask me.

On the other end there is Amaya finally having the conversation with Kuasa that she was meant to have long ago. Of course they were tip toeing around this because you can’t do this without revealing to Amaya her future, though that was going to happen inevitably. It was only a matter of when and the impact of that moment when it came. This was the best time considering how close these two have gotten despite being at odds. Then you have Zari and Ray dealing with this young girl possessed by Mallus. Things got a bit typical for Ray, but it was Zari who stole the spotlight easily with her uncanny ability to communicate with people an a personal level. She has been through some tragedies and that helps her engage with others on a different level. When she isn’t sarcastic or standoff-ish, she can be the most human of the group.

Mick wasn’t seen as much as some others, but he had a special moment here. I love that a character like him is full of surprises and capabilities hidden behind his normal habits.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Daddy Darhkest” shook things up in a big way with a further understanding of what is to be expected from Mallus. His reach is far, and they have made it clear that it will take a greater power achieved before they stand any chance against him. John Constantine was a delight as you thought he would be, though I will repeat again that this should not be the last time we see him. I would hope we are to see more of him. Especially when the time comes to confront Mallus in person.

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