DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Return of the Mack” Review


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — “Return of the Mack” — Image Number: LGN305b_0039.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/Atom, Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heat Wave, Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary, Nick Zano as Nate Heywood/Steel and Franz Drameh as Jefferson “Jax” Jackson

Expect the unexpected with this team. I’m glad that they are using this chaos of anachronisms to create new and unique adventures for this team. Plenty of scenarios so far that isn’t the same cookie cutter story that you have seen before from time travelers. This week’s episode being no different when the latest anachronisms leads the Legends to London in 1897 to hunt down a time-traveling vampire. And that is one of a number of things to anticipate getting into.

Now if there is one thing to appreciate most about Legends of Tomorrow, it is that they go to the places that the other shows aren’t bold enough to. I mean vampires? And not only a vampire, but a time-traveling vampire. I’m pretty sure if you introduced the idea of this in Arrow or The Flash they would have tried to explain this with science, which ruins the fun in the supernatural. For this team, the suspense was just what you needed when some of them were in denial that vampires could be real, and the others were looking forward to the encounter. Of all on the team, this was another shining moment for Rory to interact with a time period for better or for worse.

Running into Rip along the way catches you off guard because a lot of questions arise surrounding how he operates with the Time Bureau. Is he free to go as he pleases? Does he have to answer to someone else? Can he really be trusted when those like Sharpe have tried so persistently to put an end to the Legends? Their reaction to Rip felt justified after everything that they have been through so far. You expect not everyone to welcome him back with open arms. However, it was a big step forward to finally give Rip that room to finally speak of this danger they are all now bracing for. The tease was nice here and there to generate intrigue, but it was about time that the situation was addressed for the sake of there being more to work towards than just anachronisms. Who they ran into along the way also shook things up when coming to accept that this is a dangerous game at play. After seeing that magic and what not would play a key role in the events of this season, it pains you not to have considered who would possibly find involvement in this plot. When things hit a point of escalation, they nailed one of the most brutal yet entertaining action sequences so far.

Nate finding a pattern to the anachronisms was a good step forward for the main plot this season. For so many anachronisms to deal with, there had to be a way to steer which ones they need to prioritize over the others.

Breaking up Firestorm was a painful development for me. Like I have said before, Firestorm would be my favorite character from the Arrowverse (hurts me every time to type that word). A hero made up of two very different people who share a strong bond. Knowing that Stein (Victor Garber) would be departing meant that the future was uncertain for Firestorm and Jax. How they begin approaching that departure with that said is interesting. Someone had to make that move to separate the two considering varying priorities in life. The question after that was if it was possible and how this would be taken by Stein. How they approached this was the best case scenario when you aren’t exactly looking for these two to go to war over something like this. It made you appreciate their dynamic much more in the end.

Transitioning from the episode before, it was smart that they didn’t let up on Zari and finding her place on this team. They got around to a lot of important things for Zari involving her understanding of time travel, and the importance of her understanding what truly connects her and Amaya’s amulet.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Return of the Mack” was everything you could have hoped for when this season decided to take a trip on the supernatural side. The impossible is not even a thing of the past when all is said and done in 1897. Overall this was a very productive episode for the character development, major plot progression, and introduction of some new enemies for the Legends to watch out for. Hopefully they can continue to push this plot with momentum while balancing the necessity in dealing with the crucial anachronisms.

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