DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow “Tagumo Attacks!!!” Review


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***Spoiler Warning***

Last week’s Legends Of Tomorrow was one of the most delightful episodes we have ever gotten out of this show. One thing you have to appreciate about a show like this is that it’s not just about being superheroes. That’s why they call themselves the Legends. This is a team with a call to action, but that never stops the world from turning around them as individuals. The magic of camp life, the magic of being a kid again, everything in-between made last week memorable for all the right reasons given the theme of this season. I really looked forward to the possibility that this week could top that.

This episode was different for the fact that we are pretty much pulled in three different directions. You have the new fugitive on the loose in 1951 Tokyo, you have Ray who is on the search for Nora to save Constantine, and then you have Ava joining Nate and his family for an unconventional Thanksgiving dinner. Part of this is what I feared for having a bit too much going on at the same time, but there was always confidence that a show like could pull off giving us so much story.

Let’s start with the mission in Tokyo for this fugitive. This was entertaining for the fact that we now have Charlie thrown into the mix. We normally are pretty used to things not going everyone’s way, but she makes things very difficult with her rebellious personality. Its fun to have Sara and Zari who are very serious when it comes to getting a job done, and Charlie who is simply going through the motions while finding every way to get under someone’s skin. My only issue with Charlie at this stage is what she offers aside from being the guide to the supernatural fugitives. She has all the personality in the world to give in order to hold our attention, but even that can only do so much with a team like this. Fortunately for now, her valued information is something you can’t overlook in a pinch. That confidence from knowing more than the rest does wonders. With that said, the reveal of the fugitive was a big shocker. We were really led to believe the obvious, and then just like that it was something else that we couldn’t have seen coming till that moment hit. The emotion they got out of this as well was commendable. Legends of Tomorrow knows how to strike a balance between substance and style.

The solution to stopping this fugitive was in every sense of the word inspired. A certain Legend stepped up to the plate and captured your heart in a way that you didn’t think was possible before.

Ray’s search for Nora was a long time coming. It was satisfying how they crossed paths because it was as if the craziness of the past season washed away. It took some time to get used to this version of Nora who could act normal. A great step forward for her without the influence of someone else weighing her down. Everything here was all her whether it was her personality, or feelings towards Ray. How Constantine reacted to her return was interesting since he has not been too keen on Ray reaching out to her again. It made a big difference that these two could connect in a way that no one else could. Magic has rules which we understood a bit more through the risks they were and were not willing to take. How this all ended for Nora was heartwarming. I think they have plans for her down the road, and how she once again parted ways makes that more of a possibility.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — “Tagumo Attacks!!!” — Image Number: LGN405c_0420b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Jes Macallan as Ava Sharpe and Nick Zano as Nate Heywood/Steel — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Thanksgiving with Nate and Ava was a big contrast from everything else going on. Everything about their situation screamed first-world problems. Not a bad thing at all. As I said above, Legends isn’t one of those shows that relies on too much need for superheroics. For the week that this episode is taking place, it made sense for a show like this to fit the theme of Thanksgiving somewhere in there. A sub-plot that didn’t distract from everything else unfolding, and wasn’t out-of-place since it all tied back to business with the Time Bureau. The kind of trouble that they ran into was creative. It started with the family, and it ended with a problem more unusual. One that put us more at ease with Nate’s ability to work as an agent in contrast to being a Legend. This plot led to someplace good for Nate, Ava, and even the relevance of the TB this season. I’m glad that we have an overlapping plot to follow.

That aside, I hate that I didn’t really see it before, it must have been the hat or something, but I love the introduction of Mona for Gary. He has picked up a more relevant role in this season and I honestly can’t argue with the choice. He is a fan favorite, and Mona could easily become the same for the way that these two interact. Its innocent, its cute, and you know its going to lead to some trouble for Gary who is not the best at keeping things a secret. Especially when you lower his guard.

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow “Tagumo Attacks!!!” was more than what you were seeing on the surface. A lot of what came out of this episode set up for some big developments in the coming weeks. I think we could all say that this season was so far playing it safe. This week’s episode proved otherwise.

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