DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Welcome to the Jungle” Review


A new week of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow means a new anachronism, new trip through history, and whatever problem the team runs into along the way. Average day in the life of a Legend right? This week you would expect something not too serious since next week we have a big crossover to look forward to. So the assumption here would be what they may have to offer for our full roster of “Arrowverse” heroes coming together once again.

The anachronism this week was one to look forward to more than any of the others. All of those before, aside from one, were pretty much random people of importance throughout history. This time around we are dealing with a more familiar face. A time-displaced Gorilla Grodd was probably the perfect challenge to throw at the Legends. Not someone they can simply overpower as many of Flash’s encounters with Grodd have proved. The suspense had a good build-up to it considering you weren’t sure what kind of threat Grodd was posing this time. He can be physically imposing, he can be dangerous just by using his mental powers, though in this instance you couldn’t tell which of the two you had to fear from him most. Now the twist here was seeing Grodd in a position where being who and what he was wasn’t something to fear from everyone else. Like the anachronism last week, he also found a clever way of adapting well enough that extracting meant having to go through more obstacles just to get to the target.

With that said, it was also good to have another example of an anachronism who while displaced, isn’t one you would suffer taking back home. It doesn’t excuse the things he does or plans to do now, but Grodd had things going on about him that you to some extent might sympathize with.

For this mission I have to say Nate and Rory working together was a dynamic you don’t get very often. Though more than that was the appeal of what happens when someone else runs into someone from their past. Rory being up for that experience was refreshing since the guy for the most part is a closed book about his life with the exception of the story of his fire crazy days as a kid. I mean that isn’t to say that he manages to catch you off guard through the reveal of what happened between him and said person. Even then while it was a serious moment for him, at the same time still entertaining because that is just the kind of guy Rory is right now.

Sara stuck in a coma does shake things up when the team is moving without proper leadership. That is not saying Sara isn’t carrying any baggage given Darhk’s resurrection and the reveal that his helper is really his daughter, though she still remains the glue that holds them together with a firm grip. It was good to see what happens when they act with a little more wiggle room. Zari for example catches you off guard because she is a bit more proactive than what you are used to.

When it came to Jax and Stein working towards separating themselves from the Firestorm matrix, things took a an interesting turn. It’s always a bit easier said than done dealing with the Firestorm matrix, though the struggles they face are unfortunately turning into tension. Its sucks to see that kind of trouble brewing over their connection, but they both clearly have different goals for their individual futures. Stein for once had a humorous moment here actually taking advantage of time for his own purposes. For someone who is always so against messing with time, he made a pretty bold move for the sake of making progress. Jax on the other hand impresses you for the fact he is given the opportunity to show what help he has to offer when he is on his own. Firestorm is bad***, but you still want to see what he is capable of without powers.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Welcome to the Jungle” was a pretty cool exploration through the jungles of Vietnam and during the war. We got action, character development from one of the least likely on the team, and plenty of moments that were engaging for being tossed onto another war-front.

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