Deadly Class “Mirror People” Review


DEADLY CLASS — “MIrror People” Episode 103 — Pictured: (l-r) Sean Depner as Viktor, Michael Mitton as Jaden, Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus, Michel Duval as Chico, Lana Condor as Saya, Taylor Hickson as Petra — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

***Spoiler Warning***

With each passing week, King’s Dominion becomes a deadlier place. If these kids aren’t swallowed up by the world around them, then it will be the enemies of their own making who do them in. That old saying “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” begins to make a lot of sense at a time like this.

After the events of “Snake Pit”, no one was going to walk away from that disaster without some consequence. I enjoyed how the majority of the core characters could be thrown into a Breakfast Club-like situation. It wasn’t the first time we have seen this done in a recent comic adaptation, and I suppose it wouldn’t be the last. For Deadly Class this was another memorable version of it since there is plenty more that can go wrong within the walls of this academy. Not to mention the students are more volatile. With that said, the bit of fun that they were able to take from this experience was refreshing. For a short time these students who might clash under different circumstances were simply acting normal. Even Chico, for whom that would be out of character. Marcus definitely turned into a different person when he smiled more in that short span of time than he has in the past three episodes. These times will be few and far between, so it was smart that it was enjoyable for how long it lasted.

Last week we were teased of someone coming after Saya, but the question was why. That took some time for us to get around to, but it was shocking to finally understand her situation with this academy. So far I have been impressed by the background of each character and the fact that not everyone enrolls under the same circumstances. Not all of them leave behind a family on good terms. The same could be said for Petra who you did not come to expect a story from either. As a Rat, it caught me off guard to get such an in-depth story to this death cult that everyone mocks her for being a part of. If you thought that this was just a goth joke, then you were surely proven wrong. Being the fourth week, I should also point out how unique it is that for these stories told, they use actual drawings to make connections to the comics. That is something to appreciate for a comic book adaptation. Especially one where the comic creatives have a hand in the show.

Story aside, this detention they they were trapped in escalated into what is so far the best scenes in the series for the action. They were really put to the test against actual killers. An interesting situation that forced them to be able to think on their feet instead of acting too rash. When the time did come to fight? That did not disappoint one bit considering who also had a stake in this invasion of the school for Saya. The excitement in this part of the episode was also not knowing who was safe and who could bite the dust. If you read the books, then you knew who would walk out of this in one piece. If that isn’t you? The suspense was painful when it was pretty much anything goes. If everything went right, this show would bot be living up to the name.

DEADLY CLASS — “MIrror People” Episode 103 — Pictured: (l-r) — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

For the comic readers this episode, the biggest shocker was finding out just what kind of man Chico really is. I recall when my brother read the book, he couldn’t contain himself about the revelation that everyone stuck with Chico comes to learn about him. When he said that everyone else was competition, that wasn’t just words to a guy like him. His actions didn’t even hit you the way that you were prepared for. That is how well the execution was in the moment.

There was a few subplots, but the one that stood out most was that involving Billy. Just when you think you have the kid figured out, you are quickly hit with a new layer to his story. This layer however might break your heart. While the others have their own tragic stories, what they went through was in the past. For Billy? His problems carry over into the present, and it unfortunately dictates his future as well. I’m not going to lie that I almost shed a tear when Billy explained it all. The emotion poured from his words, and he even wore that pain too. When you know where this is going to lead Billy? This scene gives you reason to root for the kid to be more than what you see on the surface.

After Master Lin’s actions in the previous episode, there was some fallout to expect from him mentally. From what I know about this character in the books, it is something to get used to that he is more sympathetic in the show. Is it a problem? Not at all. It would be a different story if he was a villain and they were trying to get us to feel sorry for him at the same time. I am a firm believer that it is either one or the other. Trying to do both is biting off more than you can chew.

Deadly Class “Mirror People” was a roller coaster of emotions when we went from afterschool special, to the real madness that comes with the lives they live. This was another week where we got to learn things about these characters in creative ways. Some things that better connect you to them, other things that simply revealing for what is seen past the acts.

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