Deadly Class “Stigmata Martyr” Review


DEADLY CLASS — “Stigmata Martyr” Episode 105 — Pictured: (l-r) Lana Condor as Saya, Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

As one of the biggest checkpoints in the story of Deadly Class, the roadtrip to Vegas is only as important as what comes after. The events of Deadly Class “Saudade” made it official that Marcus and Maria are now a thing. However, with Marcus and Maria now dating in secret, there is still the matter of the ramifications of Chico’s death. How everyone moves forward matters when the greatest taboo in Kings Dominion is getting caught.

Where this next episode picked up was the perfect way to shake things up at Kings Dominion. Since that trip to Vegas, nothing was ever going to be the same again for this group. I mean, how could it be? There’s the death of a student looming over their heads, and every move they make is pretty much under a microscope to assure that there wasn’t any foul play. The big thing was the changes seen in Maria. For those who have read the books or taken the hints from the previous episodes, she is not the most stable person. The only thing that has kept her sane up to this point has been those pills. But what happens when even those pills aren’t enough to help her keep it together? That is what they wasted little time finally getting into. It adds just the right kick of tension since right now she is that ticking time bomb with Chico out of the picture. With that said, getting her backstory brought everything full circle. Of course with the proper execution of the comic style used to animate it.

This episode was also entertaining for what it looks like for Marcus to have his first relationship. The best word to use for his experience is adorable because he is new to so many things in this life. Maria is someone who makes him feel loved and unable to fully sink back into that troublesome mindset he gets himself into when he lets things get to him. For those who read the books, this was a point of interest for the fact that Maria’s deteriorating emotional state will also involve an obsession that is nothing like what you saw between herself and Chico. You will want to see where things can go wrong with this level of attachment.

DEADLY CLASS — “Stigmata Martyr” Episode 105 — Pictured: (l-r) Benedict Wong as Master Lin, Olivia Cheng as Master Gao — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

This episode would not be complete if there wasn’t some way that the group as a whole was affected by the death of Chico. Willie’s situation caught me off guard since nothing about what they got into is him. I enjoyed the way that he struggled moving forward, though at the same time I admired the way that he actually did. We all know that comic book store scene was coming, and it was just as endearing as you would imagine for him. I think we all love the idea of running into that someone who is as invested in the books as you are. The transition for Billy was quite the turnaround from where he was up to this point. There’s only so much mourning you can do for a dad who caused your family too much grief. so it wasn’t hard to see him back to his old shenanigans. Heart is heart, but you love the kid for his ability to put a smile on your face in a place where everyone is looking to chew each other’s heads off. What he gets himself into this time around is something you wouldn’t soon forget for a kid this bold. Speaking of bold, last week was the perfect time to finally start giving Chester more of an active presence in the show. He at the very least proved that he can offer the kind of action you can’t get out of the students without an objective. His enthusiasm for what he does is an art that they are all lacking in some shape or form.

Getting back to Kings Dominion also meant getting back to the scheduled classes for these students. You know, because this is a school and we should consistently be reminded that this story takes place in one. Even though these scenes a fairly short and to the point, they are enjoyable for showing off where certain students excel and where they do not. This week gave us one of the most memorable scenes when there was actually a tag team between Maria, Saya, and Brandy to look forward to. I was impressed to finally see what Brandy in particular could do as someone in the comics who is written as one of the most fearsome combatants in hand-to-hand. This class they partook in was closed out perfectly with a little trouble that everyone faced when there was involvement from the lady above Master Lin.

What can go wrong? Just about anything and everything! Deadly Class “Stigmata Martyr” cranked the dial in what it takes to survive the Kings Dominion experience. Dangers outside the school, obstacles within the school, and even troubles that these students bring to themselves. This show leaves you looking forward to things getting worse before they get any better.

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