Deadpool 2 Reminds Us That Comics Are Meant to Be Fun


***Obvious Spoiler Alert***

A month ago we have Avengers: Infinity War and that was the most fun we’ve had with a Marvel Studios movie. Now here we are with Deadpool 2, a movie franchise that thrives on fun and capturing everything entertaining about the medium as a whole. The biggest problem I have always found with the general audience is the belief that these movies have to be serious. As if a few jokes so-called undercutting their moments of serious business ruins the experience. Wake-up call! Superhero stories aren’t all made to be award-winning dramas. You’re looking in the wrong genre of movies if that is you.

Before I even get to Deadpool 2, this one is only the latest of movies that cherishes the entertainment you should be left with. Superhero stories are not supposed to simply break your heart or relate whatever emotional problem you’re dealing with. They are supposed to capture a world you wish you lived in. Ant-Man, Guardians of The Galaxy 2, Thor: Ragnarök, Avengers: Infinity War. For as serious as some of these recents got, they were not without their moments of hilarity. And honestly you are taking away from others’ experience when they can’t have a smile put on their face. If I want real heartbreak, I’ll go watch an actual drama or romance movie.

From the very first minute of this movie, I found myself laugh very hard. Viewers forget that Deadpool is not a movie you walk into thinking it will be perfect, comparable to other comic book movies, or strive to be some masterpiece story. This one was meant to hit our funny bone and never stop till the end. At least that’s how I felt because Ryan Reynolds took everything absurd about this character and the comic world and ran with it. Deadpool himself had so much range to him. He’s still a man in love, he felt heartbreak, his commentary was taken to new levels, and the comic/movie references were endless. Most importantly, Deadpool is a character who ignores who he was a day ago, a movie ago, or even a scene ago. With every new interaction or new act, you are pretty much seeing a new version of him layered on top. Damn what you think about consistency when coming to terms with this unique person who isn’t like anyone else you’ve met before.

The chemistry of this cast was beautiful as well. There were times when these characters had notable moment between each other with substance, though for the most part they embraced how anyone’s day can change from just being in Deadpool’s orbit. Not every encounter had to be serious, and they honestly were not too silly either. There wasn’t one person unaffected by his presence and that created a big contrast to those who in particular were introduced in the first movie. As stiff as Cable can be, they took full advantage of the best reactions you can get out of someone like that. They took advantage of what happens when you take someone once stiff and let him loose. Domino was a treasure for this movie franchise when her powers fit in perfectly with the chaos. Every scene starting with the display of her luck powers was pure entertainment value. You would think a power like that may be tricky to pull off on-screen, and they nailed it effortlessly. To even imagine a kid who is like a hipster version of Deadpool was a riot. Normally a kid in this kind of movie will drive me crazy, but this was an exception. Russell represented every rebellious kid his age who would run into a god complex having his kind of power.

What truly flipped everything serious about death on its head was the outcome of the X-Force development. The anticipation for what this had in store for us was monumental. The first X-Men team outside of the main that we would be seeing on-screen. How they took that anticipation and crushed it so easily through the death of all but one was priceless. You may have been hurting, but you were also laughing because ONLY IN A COMIC BOOK WORLD WOULD THIS HAPPEN. And the truth is that if you couldn’t take that for what it is, again you were watching the wrong movie. You don’t know how many times I have to stand there and roll my eyes when someone tells me this death or that death didn’t have any impact on them. That so and so person didn’t get enough time to flesh out before they were killed off. Well Deadpool 2 cross that line in a big way when saving up those fallen tears and laughing all the way to the bank.

I know some people might also look at the body count for this movie and call it senseless violence or glorification, and those people might just need to reevaluate their definition of fiction. Yes, many people did die unfortunately, but what you get here is what happens when you aren’t playing it safe. I mean do you really think Deadpool could cause any less destruction to a city than the Avengers or Superman? Think about how crazy that sounds. Honestly part of me thinks they laughably outdid him still, which is saying a lot. I was almost in tears when after everything during that prisoner break, someone like Domino can just jump off the crazy train and land on an inflatable panda, and walk away as if she didn’t just cost a bunch of people their lives.

At the end of the day, I think that anyone who watched Deadpool 2 and felt the need to either over-analyze or look for more substance missed the purpose of it entirely. This is one that you are simply meant to get a laugh out of, and if you do? They did their job. Nothing more or less would you expect beyond pure entertainment value.

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