Defiance ‘Putting the Damage On’ Review


This weeks episode of Defiance could have just been called ghost. With only 6 episodes left that puts us at about half way and boy did they cram a lot in so lets get started.

The show started with action, Amanda getting high and then being attacked. My biggest complaint about this season has been the change in Amanda. Now I understand she is no longer mayor, her sister is missing but she has taken a very bad turn. She took over the Need/Want in her sisters absence and became a whore, which she talked down about it in season 1, and then also started using Adreno which is the future form of crack. Sadly the way it is shown in the show I feel they are trying to make it an anti-drug commercial. Amanda was a great character and role model but now she’s not. After being attacked she tells Nolan and he says he’ll find him. There is a lot of tension between Amanda and Nolan this episode and it even has a scene with Nolan talking down to her only for her to see the real Nolan walking towards her from another direction. It’s interesting to see Amanda be strong and able to take out Irisa and Tommy at once and weak because of the drugs and everything going on in this episode.

Datek is seen getting patched up by Doc Yewll after his unfortunate beat down at the end of last episode while reading from335px-Defiance_Season_2_Sneak_Peek_205 the Castithans bible. After Yewll leaves Datek she meets another Indogene named Lev that talks about a lot of the things that she and Yewll did to humans before. Lev tells Yewll she’s dying but everything just seems off, every time we see Lev she seems to just appear after Doc was doing something.

The most interesting part of this weeks episode was Rafe is now staying with his daughter and the Tarr family. Rafe learns about Castithans cultures when he is taking a bath and Stahma joins him. I’m wondering where they are going to go with this because you get the impression that she came on to him and he was ok with it. Later Datek comes to the house and see’s Rafe there and does a Castithan Ritual to be able to see his grandchild, I think he also thinks something is going on with Stahma and Rafe.

Nothing really happened to move the story along with Irisa, after so much surrounding her last episode she was a background character this week. There is more to what’s going on with her this season but they decided to focus on a different story this week. I understand there is a lot of other characters to focus on but even with other stories you can throw in a little of what’s going on with the big story. I just found it odd that she “killed” a few people last week and this week in a matter of a couple days just stopped completly. Even with what was going on with Amanda she should be trying to figure out why the ones she attacked aren’t dead and what she is doing to them.

Overall it was a good episode and we learn more about some of the past of some characters. Some of what we learned could be used for future stories. My main issue is the big story was forgotten by everyone and leave me wondering if it’s big deal why did Irisa just forget about it for a few days. I know if it was me I would be freaking out wondering what’s going on.

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Great side story and builds character but completely forgets what's been going on for one of the main characters.

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