Defiance “This Woman’s Work” Review


An episode of twist and changes, who do you root for now? I found that this episode to be a very good episode, it continued the main story of this season while also building some of the newer characters.

We start the show with Berlin try to get kinky with Tommy and wants to record it. Tommy suggest that someone could get a hold of it and she says there’s no internet but wouldn’t they both be too young to know what the internet is? Next we see Viceroy is back in defiance looking to have Niles take Nolan to recover what is in the ship, Niles who doesn’t like Nolan obviously has problems with it. They both tend to not like each other but I think that has more to do with they both like Amanda. Then we see a big ship crash and beast being killed by electricity. Pretty good CGI to make a Sci Fi show more Sci Fi

.Defiance - Season 2

After the opening credits we see Nolan takes digs at Niles to find out what they are going after and was told it is a fuel source. Tommy shows up with Berlin instead of Irisa and Nolan confronts Tommy about it, leading to him Quitting. Honestly Tommy has been pissed at Nolan this whole season without us really getting a reason why. Next we see Favi Kurr or holy man condemning the Tarr’s Emporium of Chance for being ran by Stahma now. They have a private talk about the fact that she usurped her husband and he says it is against their religion and that he wants to see her on a shaming rack.

We also see Rafe visiting with Datek and is shown something before Stahma interrupts to accuse Datek of bribing Favi Kurr to picket the Emporium. I felt Rafe was trying to be a peacekeeper but just so he can learn more about whatever Datek showed him. Datek lets her know that now that Favi Kurr is against her he won’t be swayed or just go away. Last of the characters we see Irisa chaseing after an Irathient business man and Tommy follows her. He comes across her seemingly killing him with whatever she’s doing to people and he tells her to get off him. I don’t know why he believes her but he does when she says she didn’t kill him and then helps her get him out of sight. They sit and wait to see if the man wakes up which leads to uncomfortable conversations including about him quitting. It’s obvious that he still has feelings for her or he would have just taken her in. Sitting there with her after he thought she killed a man is suicidal.

In all it was a good episode and we learned interesting things about some of the characters, except for Amanda who wasn’t in the episode much. Never thought Niles was so caring and he even was remorseful about what he did to Churchill. Never would have guessed that Viceroy was an Irathient wanna be. The most shocking thing in this episode is the conversation where Irisa spilled to Tommy that she had no clue what was happening. We didn’t find out more of what’s happening to her but now she has an ally in all of it, hopefully.

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Tt was a pretty good episode that moved things along and also made us question who are we rooting for. The last few minutes of the show I have a feeling changes a lot of things for the future.

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