Digimon Adventure tri: Coexistence Review


Digimon Adventure tri: Loss was a whirlwind of emotions. Each new chapter offers a new way to jump into this story and the action to keep us coming back for more. The villain was unexpected, as was the true intent of the reboot, and the new access to power for the Digimon was exciting. I’m sure that some viewers will flip their lids over the cliffhanger that Loss ended on, but what better way to create and anticipation for what’s to come in Digimon Adventures tri: Coexistence?

Making sure that we could see Meicoomon again in the moment where she begins to rampage after seeing her partner Meiko injured by a mysterious man was a wise move. For some of us there is a good bit of time spent waiting before the next chapter. Having a reminder of what kickstarts the next chapter helps feel as though we haven’t missed much.

This chapter was quick to pick up from where we left off. With Dark Gennai revealed as the current villain, everything unfolded from there. You have a Digital World falling apart, a Digital World actually acting out against the Digidestined, and you have one too many corrupted Digimon making every move a fight for survival. This was one hell of a way to crank the dial when we needed to inevitably reach that point of escalation. What I enjoyed most at this stage is that there was much less discussion about what needed to be done and more action taken in its place. That’s not to say there wasn’t still a lot of explanation that took effort to follow, but not as much as before. As much as I liked the engagement from these characters, we are at the fifth part to Digimon Adventure tri. What development threw me for a loop was how little time was actually spent in the Digital World. I understood that they went there to get their Digimon back, but I was also prepared for them to venture there for a while longer than they actually did. For the sake of pacing this was the wise choice, but you still can’t shake the disappointment if this was something you were looking forward to like myself.

When the time came for action, once again I was impressed by their approach to it for Digimon Adventure tri. Nothing too flashy, and this time around they were very quick to the transformation process. Honestly there are too many of them to have eight Digimon transforming back to back and one at a time. The action was intense, and fluent from beginning to end, even with the addition of a few new players along the way. I think what I appreciated the most here was how matched everyone was so that this wasn’t one-sided, at least not till it was time for someone to take that next step forward in power. What this led to was a bold development if you ask me. You look at the cover to this chapter and have to wonder who that was. Everyone already powered-up, so there had to be a new circumstance or Digimon. What came of this twist flipped everything you thought you knew about the direction this was going in over on its head.

Now what truly did stand out in Coexistence is the meaning of that very word to this chapter. It was about time that we took a step back to address the struggle of playing hero and worrying about where you do this. This concept I always find important to a series like Digimon. You can’t always be quick to spring into action if it means you are willing to create a lot of collateral damage in the process. Heroes have to be aware of their surroundings, care about the buildings around them that could be businesses or homes. For once you agree with Tai that public perception matters more than it ever did before. Simply fighting off the evil Digimon means very little if they are all just witnessing two Digimon destroying everything in sight and then disappearing. With that said, the introduction of Homeostasis made a big difference as well when they were acting as the voice of the Digital World.

In terms of world-building I found it cool how we are really at that point now where everyone acknowledges the existence of both the Digital World and Digimon fairly casually. Regular people more frequently experience the backlash of these events, and now have their own way of processing what’s going on around them. It makes a big difference that no experience is ever the same either. Digimon attacks, holes in the sky, technology acting up, their presence is felt everywhere which makes the situation very real. The arrival of rampaging Meicoomon started a countdown to the real world’s collapse that put everyone on edge and seeing all Digimon as the enemy.

There was also more time put into addressing the existence of Meicoomon and why she is the way she is. This took way more time than needed to flesh out, but it was good that they found the time to allocate towards knocking out the bulk work in discovery.

Digimon Adventure tri: Coexistence had a lot going for it. I do think they sped through a lot of the things we would have rather seen than talking, but at least at the end of the day there is progress. I just hope that with the next chapter we can begin to see the finish line before this begins to feel like it is dragging.

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