Digimon Adventure tri: Future Review


Digimon Adventure tri: Coexistence had a lot going for it. I do think they sped through a lot of the things we would have rather seen than talking, but at least at the end of the day there is progress. I just hope that with the next chapter we can begin to see the finish line before this begins to feel like it is dragging.

For this finale to Digimon Adventure tri, I liked that pacing was everything for seeing this story through to the end. I was thrown for a loop when before this chapter it was hard to see how they were planning to wrap this up. So many missing pieces and things that we didn’t have clarified about the situation. It was hard to feel convinced that they could take us to the ending in a way that wouldn’t feel too rushed. Fortunately, I think they got it together with this last hour and a half. From the moment that this chapter started, the urgency quickly set in when realizing out outmatched the Digidestined were. They didn’t have Tai, they didn’t have Gatomon, and they didn’t have a plan to figure out how to stop the end of the world. As they said, the DigiDestined have suffered; friends are lost, there is a new threat from a mysterious and newly formed Digimon, Emotions would of course run high with the confusion, but I’m glad that this did not involve drama so late in the game. Took much was at stake for distractions that you could chalk up to being cliche.

I think it was beautiful how the Digimon and the Digidestined came together for this finale. Without the memories of their past adventures, there was a lot going on here that was simply based on the concept of their bonds. It was powerful to see how that could withstand any situation that they were put into. Gabumon had a tear-jerking moment where he confided in Matt about the future he could see with him. Others had the same moments to experience in their own way. I think the character writing stood out more than anything else because this was the best time to make sure we all understood that time means nothing to what they all mean to one another. The same thing could be said for Tai and Nishijima who shared a crucial moment together considering what one was able to do for the other to assure that there was a still a fighting chance. I was very caught off guard by how their scene played out for the fact that it was the first adult content that I think we have genuinely witness from the Digimon series. Not a problem to me since I think there is only so much that you can accept being PG.

What I have enjoyed about the story from the perspective of the Digimon is the involvement of by Hackmon who works directly with Homeostasis. Their plans to save both worlds was drastic, but you could easily understand where they were coming from in their actions. That part of the story honestly could have been better if it wasn’t just one Digimon that they were speaking through. Engagement was lost when Homeostasis is not really something you can believe in without seeing. As for villain? I was not too impressed by the form that this took throughout the series. A little too over the top for my liking and nothing memorable about what came out of his mouth. They had me a few chapters ago when this enemy was shown capable of stirring up trouble on his own. However, for this last chapter he was nothing but villainous monologue that took you out of the action.

The final battle was worth the wait against Ordinemon. They found a creative way to take her down, and she provided a fearsome challenge that no other Digimon has accomplished before. I mean, I was a little taken back by all the tricks Ordinemon was able to pull out of her arsenal, and out of nowhere. The only way that Ordinemon could have been better is if she wasn’t also mindless at the same time. At the end of the day this was just a tool for destruction. They were probably trying to make-up for the lack of dialogue with King Drasil and Dark Gennai which ultimately did not work.

I only felt disappointed with the action for most of Future. I gave credit to Digimon Adventure tri consistently that the action sequences were the best thing that this had going for it. It was beyond simply charging in with special attacks and what not. Unfortunately the past two chapters didn’t quite deliver in what we were seeing up to that point. It was exciting that these fights weren’t one and done anymore when the Digimon got knocked back to their lower forms. That much did stand out, but again they lost the fluent execution of these action scenes that could have made all the difference in this series ending on a memorable note.

Where they did somewhat make up for this was excellent animations and music selection for the high points. They could have sped up some of the transformations, but I’m just glad that at the end of the day it all looked cool. Extra points for the fact that all of the Digimon could be seen being relevant and showcasing how far they have come since the start of this story.

Digimon Adventure tri: Future brings this all to a close. There were some high points, and some points where this could have been better. Personally this was for the most part everything I have wanted and more from the original team coming together to save the world again. Some will say otherwise, and their expectations were probably a bit too high.

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