Digimon Adventure tri: Loss Blu-Ray/DVD Review


The events of Digimon Adventures tri: Confession have changed the game completely. If you thought the entirety of this story was going to take place in the human world? The end of Confessions said otherwise as the original Digidestines travel back to the Digital World, and to a point where everything has rebooted to the very start. Quite the twist if you ask me since we are moving back to square one with a lot of things unless they can miraculously recover their Digimon’s memories.This fourth installment in the series hopefully delivers the exploration you expect when stepping into a different world.

Nostalgia hit hard when the digidestined and their digimon reunited. Of course it wasn’t the same as before, but this was a great start to the next chapter. The reboot was a tough pill to swallow as expected. Some found it easy to find a connection with their digimon again, though some others found difficulty. Who did find trouble was surprising since the connection between herself and her digimon was having heart and compassion. Something that was being given and not received in that moment. Knowing ahead of time that this was going to be one of the slower chapters in terms of story over action, that made it easier to welcome the slow crawl that it was taking to overcome this obstacle.

Their adventures this time came with a very different atmosphere. It helps that they are older in contrast to others who have ventured this world. I don’t have a problem with the digidestined being kids, but it is refreshing when you can follow characters who have more mature problems to deal with. We cut through the drama and the tension that they would have created because they were in the mindset of being kids. They are young, but definitely not that young. Sora was the perfect example of a character who goes through more mature issues. When others didn’t know how to take care of their problems or manage themselves, she was the one person who knew how to step up to the plate. Seeing how one like her could suffer from carrying the weight of the world seemed inevitable when teased up to this point. The feeling of loss was strong with Sora since it was her who struggled with her bond. Having a dynamic with Meiko was just what she needed at the end of the day. She had her own troubles to own up to which was all the character growth you could have asked for at this stage.

When things became dangerous once more, we already knew which digimon would be at the center of this given the cover image of the movie. Compared to some of the other enemies they encountered in the human world, this time it felt like they were facing a genuine threat. It didn’t hurt that none of the digimon could digivolve. That forced a fight where everyone had to think outside the box. I tend to think that is just as interesting as how the digimon have avoided fighting that involved single tricks. Actually scrapping, grappling, and showing some agility only benefited as well from great animation. Everything about the action up to this point has been a big step forward. In general, the new concept to how they battle was a great change. There was less prerequisite that they had to meet in order to step up to that next level. Some might say that they power they all have now is given too easily, but when those like Matt and Tai are consistently handed that opportunity, its hard not to argue for everyone else to get that opportunity when the situation is pretty dire.

Little time was wasted getting into the story of our two agents who were actually digidestined. Quickly it was easy to understand where things went wrong, and what relevance they hold towards the bigger picture. The digimon they used were very different from those we are familiar with. With that said, Himekawa has been a character of interest when there is more to her than what we have seen on the surface. Something I might say questionable about her is going on. Her intentions were clear, though it was who she was working with that is the mystery. Knowing that was the big shocker since this enemy changed everything about the way the digital world was working. That aside, Himekawa’s actions shook things up a bit. What was pretty gloomy about her action quickly evolved into a level of creepiness that was disturbing for someone who was once a digidestined. Nishijima’s part in this chapter came and went, but what he learned was a smart buffer to get information that otherwise would have pulled us too far in a different direction.

This chapter of Digimon Adventures tri was just as thrilling as the ones before. Each new chapter offers a new way to jump into this story and the action to keep us coming back for more. The villain was unexpected, as was the true intent of the reboot, and the new access to power for the digimon was exciting. I’m sure that some viewers will flip their lids over the cliffhanger that Loss ended on, but what better way to create and anticipation for what’s to come in Digimon Adventures tri: Coexistence.


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