Digimon Adventures Tri: Confession Blu-Ray/DVD Review


After the events of Digimon Adventures Tri: Determination, it started to become more clear as to the direction we are taking with the DigiDestined this time around. The enemy is familiar, though the threat shakes things up in a big way. A digital infection like this that they can’t understand was one heck of a problem to have to deal with on top of figuring out their own priorities in real life. I mean they really nailed the reaction when it came to Meicoomon’s abrupt transformation.

From the start of Confession there was a lot to address after that moment. Things would only get worse from there, despite knowing the source for these new problems. Most of this of course would start with Meiko. She quickly grew from just another new character to someone of importance through her connection to Meicoomon. Losing all emotion the way she did, that felt like the natural response when you’ve attached yourself to your Digimon only to lose it. Not the first time we have seen someone shut down like that either which made the scene so familiar.

While there are numerous scenes that grab you for way some go out of their way to help one another, there were just as many moments where there was clear tension in the air. What happened to Meicoomon, and continuing to happen everywhere else upped the urgency and stakes in this conflict. You didn’t want to see any of them at this point butting heads, though you knew it would be inevitable and the execution was solid. Like many times before the situation involves a question of thinking with your heart or thinking with your head. Both have a place in making decisions, yet still will create problems along the way.

As for the Digimon themselves, the were still a treat to follow when they are given a little more wiggle room to act on their own. For this chapter, the focus was primarily on the one who picks up the infection. They could have chosen any of the Digimon to start showing signs of the illness, though it stung more to see that it was Patamon. We got a lot of emotion out of Meicoomon’s infection, though the only way to show that it could happen to anyone was for one more familiar to fall prey. What killed me was the understanding right away that it was not going to stop with Patamon. The Digimon coming to terms with this shook things up since it is crucial to address the bond between them. Like with the agents, there’s only so much you can learn from certain people, so it made sense that the Digimon could not only confide in each other in a different way, but stumble across answers in their own way as well. Maybe not the answers one could hope for, though the emotions hit you hard when it came to understanding how bad this all really was.

With the agents, part of me was already spoiled as to who these two actually are and what makes them so qualified to tackle this situation. Yet at the same time I still wanted to follow them on this case that is fairly personal to the both of them. Through them we learn a lot more than we thought we could have without their involvement. One discovery I should say that was shocking. At first you could have easily viewed them as a distraction from other matters of importance, though they prove time and time again to us that knowledge and facts make all the difference. With that said, they both have some things to work on between each other that you only started to see now. It wasn’t from left field thankfully. Maki in particular grabs your attention since she is a tough cookie to crack. She cares, but she struggles so much to show that to others, especially her own partner.

The action was saved for the most crucial moment of Confession. It was satisfying because again action doesn’t always mean relying on their special moves to create excitement. Fighting is thrilling when they are simply going at it. Their movements and reactions are more fluent that way. Meikomon was the perfect enemy to throw their way since she is someone who is physically overwhelming in power, and not to mention agility in combat. For this fight it was Tentomon who you were looking forward to stepping up, as the cover shows the new form he will take by the end of it. Digivolving for him was the highlight of this chapter since you couldn’t have asked for a better act of heroism to save the day. HerculesKabuterimon is badass even if we haven’t seen an actual attack from him yet.

Around the world, the infection is something spreading further than just to Digimon. Their approach to the Digimon issue for Adventures Tri is part of what makes this series so engaging. It makes a difference to have an outside perspective on the influence Digimon have had on the human world. For as many times as they have saved it, they have at the same time created just as much trouble. And this time around, it’s not the threat of the Digimon themselves that is wreaking havoc on everything technological.

One big question that did arise from Determination was the involvement of Ken in this plot. I wasn’t even sure about that development because when we go back to the original DigiDestined group like this, it is hard not to question what has happened and what has yet to happen.

Truthfully, I admire the direction more for doing exactly what I’ve always hoped for the series. Like any other anime there existed the habit of putting one or two characters of a group above everyone else. They get all the power, importance, and relevance to the main story or plot. It meant the world Joe, Mimi, and the others’ Digimon could and will achieve greater evolutions to combat this new threat. It’s not to say that they probably won’t simply push the same two a bit further, but for now this is a step in the right direction to satisfy fans of the DigiDestined as a whole.

Everything about the Digimon Adventures Tri: Confession Blu-Ray/DVD changed the game completely. If you were looking for things to turn around with the excitement over this new prophecy to fulfill, sadly this chapter said otherwise. It’s actually at a time like this when you come to accept that this is a story of destiny, and the true definition never means that the ending will be happy. That or the journey to that point. There wasn’t as much action this time around and that wasn’t a problem at all. The heart we got out of the story and characters was worthwhile. Where this takes them next is worth looking forward to the next movie.

Special Bonus Content: English Premiere Panel At Anime Expo 2017. Worth checking out if you want to see what the hype is like for this franchise.

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