Digimon Adventures Tri: Determination Blu-Ray/DVD Review


Fans of the first couple seasons of Digimon should be finding Digimon Adventures Tri a real treat. If you ask me, they did lose us as the seasons progressed. Changing up many things that at some point seemed too ridiculous to follow. So here we are back to basics and familiar faces for a change. I’ll give them credit that with everything that has happened over the years, at least the world is evolving to that stage where the existence of Digimon is strong enough to have a public opinion on it. That takes priority here and a strong story has developed from it (Digimon Adventures Tri: Reunion Review).

Jumping into Determination, I knew what I was looking forward to from this second part and they I think delivered. The action will always come, but the fun in Digimon are the moments when they are connecting with one another. It was quite the tragedy that at the start of Reunion they were all struggling to get back together. They never seemed like the kind who would break off so easily and yet that was where we found them. A stronger story develops here because when the world is uneasy about the existence of Digimon, you have these kids who are able to see the good and experience that every step of the way. The steps they are taking to get back to something familiar is fun. Very in character from awareness that they can’t move forward without all being on the same page about what needs to be done to protect the world. The addition of Meiko is nice as well since you have this view of how the Digidestined interact from the outside. It meant a lot that they were even putting the effort into making her feel a part of the group. We all know what happens when someone is left to their own devices.

Tensions still progress through Tai and Matt. It’s hard to root for ether of them since both have good points about the situation at hand. Yes it is good to show the world that not all Digimon are bad, yet at the same time most acts of heroics leave too much chaos to overlook. There is tension created from others as well which grabs your attention. Mimi goes through growth that while painful, has been a long time coming.

As for the Digimon themselves, they are the heart of Digimon Adventures Tri in my opinion. With all the craziness going on around them, they are consistently a breath of fresh air. You can’t ignore the fact that they know their purpose and they embrace it along with each new experience. In action, like Reunion I do continue to enjoy the fight animation. There’s less focus on special attacks and more focus put into just fighting in general. That is the way I have always felt it should be. And after some time I do feel myself more accepting of the new animation for the way they digivolve. What made this so memorable is how they finally proved that they are willing to spotlight for than just Agumon or Gabumon. Witnessing Palmon and Gomamon push past their previous limits was awesome. We know they had these forms, but it was all a matter of giving them the opportunity to reach it.

Plot development for Determination was a slow crawl to reaching that point of escalation. However, when that time came things did get exciting. At first I did question what kind of threat Ogremon could be, but when he’s lost his mind he sure can be formidable. For Mimi, I do think this was a big moment for her. Determination has really captured that side of her that is confident in all the right ways for the most part. It was easy to understand just where things could have gone wrong for Mimi and Palmon deciding to spring into action. Where this takes her was unique for a Digidestined considering none of their faces are ever truly connected to these incidents. This story is all about proving the world wrong and this for better or for worse was the best example. It took till near the end for big things to really unravel, though some interesting questions arose from it. You knew who this was all centering around, so everything came down to triggering that moment where a big move would be made.

Joe struggling to help is unfortunately the only weak part of the movie. Of all the Digidestined he has never had the appeal like any of the others. There is a point to the place he finds himself in, but it doesn’t quite change what you see on the surface. This isn’t to say that there aren’t redeemable moments for him. As one of two main characters for Determination there was the representation of the fear of this other life they live. Someone I guess had to be the one to rebel against it and that was the right attitude to clash with some others who worry about what this is doing to him.

The continued role of Daigo and Maki keeps things interesting as well. They build that gap between the kids and the outside world perspective. They represent what others see when all the action is said and done. I appreciate them for the fact that we go through many stories where big fights end up creating collateral damage and putting people in harms ways. The Incorporated Administrative Agency help to challenge the idea that all Digimon are the problem. With that said, getting a little bit of personal development helps too. Sure you could assume there’s some drama between them, but it also gives you more insight into their personality and character.

Digimon Adventures Tri: Determination is a big step up from Reunion. All around excellent character development, a different focus on the Digimon, and the plot kicks off from simply fighting one infected after the other. They are taking bigger risks and liberties with the Digidesined this time around and that matters when trying to avoid us walking into territory too familiar.

The collectible Blu-ray Combo Pack is priced to own at $24.97; DVD has a suggested retail price of $13.98. Remember that it releases August 15th, 2017!

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