Dimenco Releases Teaser Video for Upcoming SR Technology Launch at CES 2019


Dimenco, a pioneer in display technologies, today announced it will launch a new product at CES 2019 that will be a significant step forward in the future of XR without wearables through simulated reality (SR).

The company released a preview image and teaser video revealing a first-look of its next generation user interface and platform for SR that visualizes a 3D image and changes perspective of this image depending on your own position, adding sight, spatial sound and a fully natural user experience without wearables.

  1. Dimenco_CES2019_Teaser

Dimenco is at the forefront of creating multi-sensory immersive experiences for gaming and interactive entertainment with 3D SR, which creates an experience that you cannot distinguish from reality by enabling all the senses. Based in the Netherlands, Dimenco is a subsidiary of KDX with origins in Royal Philips Electronics.

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