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Divekick is one of those prime examples on why indie games are unique by being allowed to do whatever developers want to make and do things big developers would not dare do. Divekick is a typical fighting game with a huge change removing most of the different buttons and combos we are used to in other games and let us have two buttons for jump and kick. Jump and Kick might seem limiting which is exactly what Divekick is trying to do, it is all about how to use these two buttons and how you want to time them.

Divekick comes with a story mode and it shall be noted that Divekick does not take itself too seriously which is more of a benefit to thedivekick.1364316384 game. The stories which are told to short hand drawn comic strips are quick and do not really add much to the characters other than to give a clue on who these characters are. The story is laughable but then again the story is not why you play this game and so one should not worry too much. The benefit is that all 13 different characters get their own story that contains an intro, ending and the rival battles like one would expect.

Divekick has a quite a vast different characters even if all of them play with two buttons. Each specific character has unique style to them with other special techniques. This benefits the gameplay of Divekick which whilst its lack of button combos to remember each character is fun to play with and get used and more familiar with. The game works on a simple idea which is get the first kick on your opponent by timing and predicting your opponent moves and this leads to short yet intense rounds. Divekick contains also as one would expect a versus mode that can allow you to play against your friends which will take control over player two with another two buttons and you can offer both of you the next big thing for local multiplayer fighting games where it gets intense and addicting. The game also consists of an online mode play for ranked and non-ranked matches with leader boards. Gameplay is robust with modes you expect, nothing original but a lot of hours of entertainment to offer.

Divekick is hand drawn and whilst it is nothing that blow your mind, it simple and amateur look fits in with the whole game. The stages designs are also quite nicely designed with animation in the backgrounds of crowds or other effect. The game is not doing much in terms of animation or trying to impress through its visuals but it still stands well as an indie title. The music whilst it is not anything unforgettable does it job to fit in and make the game overall weirdly attractive both visually and through its soundtrack.dkscreen05

Divekick stands as a fighting game and whilst some might not consider it so because of its lack of buttons and combo it does not remove the fact that there is a level of depth and intensity that some fighting game is hardly achieving. The rounds are fast and that benefits into keeping player interested and through techniques and different style that characters have it involves quite a bit of effort into out smarting your opponents. Whilst Divekick does not offer wide potential in its single player with lack of challenges or other modes, it is that kind of weird idea for a stabilized genre that feels fresh and works and with its offering for online it can be the next and fresh party and competitive fighting game at the same time.

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Divekick is a unique take in fighting game that offers fun and intensity whilst still lacking in content for those not willing to take their fight online

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